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 Post subject: Ascended Sins (RP and PVE Map)
PostPosted: October 20th, 2018, 12:27 am 
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Before going on to the map, I would like to say this first. I am absolutely distraught at my lack of motivation and my sluggish behavior on posting this map. I meant to post it a year and a half ago, so I feel I have failed myself and to anyone who enjoys looking or using the maps I create. This lack-of action is not something I can forgive myself for. Now onward to the map itself.

Lore about the map.
Long ago, many generations ago, to many for any to remember, a great war occured, with unlikely allies (and way to many commas). The holy order was used to fighting off stray demons that leaked out of Hell and into the mortal plane, but this time a huge hole was torn open by the Sins, themselves. They stormed forth and carved a scar through the mortal plane. It was quite unexpected, for both humans and the Sins. They expected to meet a plane as hostile as their own, at least that is what every demon that was exercised back to Hell told them. When they finally got a body to break through, they were almost immediately met with swords, spells, and sealing scrolls. Every minor demon was enthralled and excited for the carnage, as they lacked the same mental capacity as the Sins did, as their jobs were to actually manage these hordes. After literally splitting a continent in half with their carnage, and the horde dying down, the Sins had time to talk before the next charge, while also surprised the land ended and there were huge swaths of liquid land. They had expected to keep going in a straight line and eventually cover the entire world, so the obstacle surprisingly calmed down the horde.
The Sins kept talking to one another about this strange world. Every human had the intelligence to speak and think, at least the grown ones, at the same level of any greater demon. In Hell fights between greater demons were honorable and only occasional caused the death of another, while lesser demons killed each other on-mass. They actually preferred this plane over Hell. It is basically a less populated Hell, with a lot less red . . . and rock . . . and barely anything glows . . . also it gets REALLY dark half of the time. Night time actually scares demons because Hell is always in a state of half-day-half-night in terms of brightness, so the contract is really jarring for them. Lesser demons in the horde would stop at night and huddle around the Sins out of sheer fear, some would even hide inside of Gluttony's stomach (out of a horde of millions, so a lot are in his stomach at night).
They came to the conclusion, almost before they even started talking, that if they wanted to stay, they had to get all of the lesser demons out immediately. They also had the issue of blending in, since there were many generations of hatred that humans have brewd towards demons. Blending in was going to be easy, as Lust could bless them with illusionary curses so their original forms (covered later in the post) could be binded to human body, which they must acquire. Getting the demons out is the hard part. Allying with the humans was the only chance, as the lesser demons only had so much loyalty, and leaving a ripe plane to battle on was not something they would agree to.
Negotiations was going to be very difficult, but luckily the bodies they *cough* acquired *cough cough* also acted as inhibitors for their base urges. Gluttony did not need to chew on masses of lesser demons every second. Lust *cough*. Wrath did not need to fight every minute. Greed did not need to take whatever he could grab. Sloth could move. Envy could be happy for others accomplishments. Pride could be insulted without killing the person who did so. It was the most refreshing feeling they could ever feel. They could not go back to their primal forms, now.
It took a lot of typical anime events of messing around, hoping telling their horde to stay put while they "scout out" for where to charge next, and getting in contact with the more closely guarded officials in nations and holy orders to put together a force strong enough to fight back their horde. Once they proved who they were, most were confident in the idea that they could beat this seemingly unstoppable horde, but most of those confident also needed a little mental influence from Lust and Pride, who were more skilled in influence magic.
With the help of the Sins, and after all of the knights learning of who they are, they fought back the horde, who were scared the Sins did not come back to them. Their disorganisation allowed them to overpower them and over the course of a week lead them back to the portal.
Without anything to fight, the Sins were in quite the awkward situation. They simply separated to find their own places in this brand new world. Took a few generations, but they stuck to their niches. Gluttony opened a travelling restaurant, which took a bit of monatary investment to get materials he could literally push from town to town. Greed opened a profitable trading organization, based at Wrath's garrison, which he is stationed at as a general of the Gorious Legion. Lust opened a brothel, to no one's surprise, which also doubled as a counseling and addiction-curing facility, do to her alluring and opening-up-to qualities. Pride became a politician overseeing Wrath. Sloth became a fisherman, specifically a whaler. He never really tried for a higher position, and was very contempt at simple physical labour. Envy was Sloth's captain, she had to be the one to make sure Sloth didn't fall in the ocean and wouldn't leave the fish he loved so much.
Like all memories, they fade with the generations, and the deeds of the Sins faded away, leaving behind the anger that was so intense before their arrival. They had been in their human bodies for so long, and switched from new ones to new ones so often everyone thought the Sins were gone. There are now factions who know the Sins are still alive and around, and are actively hunting them, wishing to purge the mortal plane of the rest of the demon ilk. What will happen is all yet to be written, good luck to both sides.

Original forms of the Sins.
A 10 foot tall crystaline humanoid with mirror-like properties and a diamond-like appearance. She can mimic the powers of others during battle, which can also effect her size and bodily shape. In one-on-one battles she is most effective, but is terrible at handling numbers, because she can only copy one at a time, like many of the other Sins. She excells at using the abilities of others more effective than them to win fights.
A giant mongolian death worm the size of a skyscraper, with a bottomless stomach, which he definitely does not use the contents of in his cooking for free food. He has no magical capabilities, and uses sheer brute force to fight. His color pallette is black with purple and pink spikes.
A 25 foot tall golden frog with 8 eyes, black crack marks all over his body. He specializes in terramorphic magic (change the environment), and teleportation magic.
A 15 foot tall cobra woman, with 3 tails, a humanoid reptillian body, and vibrant feathers that go along the spines of her tails and back. Her feather's colors are that of the rainbow, and her body is mostly light green, with spots of yellow, red, and pink. She specilizes in illusionary, mental manipulation, and supportive magic.
A malnourished-looking 25 foot tall cyclops, with a specialty for manipulative and healing magic. His legs end in pointed spikes, with his fingers having the same pointed tips. He acts as the commander of any army he is in, and does what he has to personally to keep that army doing what he commands it to do.
A car-sized molten slime capable of 2 modes, defensive and counteractive. His colors change from black to orange as he changes between them. In defensive damage is drastically reduced, and in counteractive parts of his bodies can move at extreme speeds. The slower he changes between the forms the harder the hit or the more effective the defense.
A 20 foot tall armored gorilla. Triangular chitonous plating around his entire body except his face, fingers, and toes. A dark red and glowing orange color pallette, with a circular serrated-teeth-coated mouth, like some interpretations of how the chupacobra is imagined, or Shalltear's vampiric form from Overlord. He specializes in raw strength and self-enhancement magic, acting as a bruser that storms the front.

Map Scripts
PVE Version
RP Version

Map Images
Outside Gluttony's Restaurant
Inside Gluttony's Restaurant
Outside of Greed and Wrath's Castle
Wrath's Armaments
Outside of Greed's Office
Outside of Wrath's Prison
Next to the Castle's Well
In Front of Greed's Water Wheel

Hope no mistakes slipped through the cracks this time. Once again this map was suppose to have been posted one and a half years ago, so I am deeply sorry for being so lazy with this post.


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