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 Post subject: Green Versus Blue
PostPosted: August 1st, 2018, 10:02 am 
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I made this map was made for training and competition in the late Expeditionary Force discord server, and it was my intention to release it after its introductory tournament was over. That tournament is long over, and I have finally gotten around to releasing it.
The PvP in this map is a little different than most of you are used to, as this was not designed with the intention of direct player vs player combat. Instead, two teams in separate arenas compete to reach 50 points as fast as possible. Points are gained by killing titans, whose spawns are controlled by custom logic (also written by me).


There are two teams: Green and Blue. Each team is to gather upon their supply tower before the match begins and remain in their own arena until the match has ended.
Killing a titan scores a team 1 point and transfers that titan to the enemy team's arena.
Boss titans will spawn every 10 minutes of the match; their appearance is guaranteed unless the previous bosses have not been eliminated.
Killing a boss titan scores points based on its size and spawns two titans of half size in the opposite arena.
By default SPLIT MODE and HEALTH MODE are on. This means that titans above a certain size will split into two smaller titans on death, and that titans will spawn with non-zero health. These must be turned off every time you do /restart if you don't want them on.
Every 30 seconds the time and team scores are printed in chat.
The first team to reach 50 points wins.

/gamerules - Lists the rules of the game.
/gamestart - starts the match. The first time this command is given, there will be a 10 second delay before titans begin to spawn. Use this time wisely.
/gamepause - pauses the match. Titans will no longer spawn, transfer, or give points.
/gamereset - resets the match (points and time set back to zero).
/gamescore - prints the present score (time, blue points, green points).
/splitmode - toggles Split Mode.
/healthmode - toggles Health Mode.

The map has two 1000u square arenas; one has a green floor and wall while the other has a blue floor and wall. Take a wild guess which arena corresponds to which team. Wait, that was rhetorical, don't guess, it should be obvious...

The first time the logic is loaded, it will tell you to do two commands, /commonvd 900 and /fogmodee 1 20 5. These commands are specific to the Expedition Mod by Tic, RC users need not worry about them. The former command increases the range titans will see you from and the latter takes takes away the black fog and replaces it with a much less dense gray fog.

Please do not modify, duplicate, reverse engineer, or use this map or its associated logic outside of their intended purposes of competition and training in conjunction with one another.


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