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 Post subject: Void Bug
PostPosted: September 8th, 2015, 10:41 am 
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This was an issue I experienced a while ago, but I finally decided to post this here for discussion or in hopes that whoever is managing the RC mod can fix this.

Original Thread

If you don't aim at a static entity, your hooks won't fire. Your cursor, unless you press x to disable the in-game cursor, will also act glitchy. This is very annoying when fighting titans out in the open. Normally in vanilla maps, there are invisible barriers that you're still aiming at when your fire your hooks in the open. This isn't the case with RC boundless maps like Ykwii as there are no barriers, so you're aiming at a void.

Are there a set of true/false statements that prevent you from firing your hooks when you aim at a void? If so, can they be changed?

If this is not the case, do any of you know of any possible reasons of why this bug occurs?

Update: If you're AHSS and try to fire while aiming at the void, your character will turn and shoot the closest object.

Update 2:

1. Your cursor will freeze when you aim at the void. It will resume back to normal when you aim at any object.

2. Your hooks won't fire when aiming at the void.

3. Your gun will turn to fire at an object even if you're aiming at the void.

4. The reason this doesn't occur in vanilla maps, is because you're never aiming at a true void, as there are invisible boundaries which count as objects.

5. Titans cannot be hooked or shot at if there is no object within your line of sight whether it's behind or in front of the titan you're aiming at. (Titans don't count as objects?)

Note: My reasoning behind this is mostly speculation. Here's a bit more detail I posted in the Ykwii thread that explains this bug.
I was wrong, even when aiming at the invisible barriers, hooks can't fire into the open space. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that we can't hook on to them? I always get this error message in the dev console: "NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" This might give us a better idea on how the hooking is coded.

Initially you said that there were two sets of default barriers; I think I know why. The first set is supposed to stop the player from leaving the map, however, if the player can hook onto them, the game will be played in unintended ways... i.e. player hooking on invisible ceiling/wall. So this barrier is a no contact barrier.

However, if only this barrier exists, then players won't be able to use their hooks when aiming at free space as because since there is no hookable object. So there is a second set of barriers, which are objects that can be interacted with. They are so far out of range that they cannot be hooked on by players in the map, but they are useful as object references. Anyways, the fix might be to change all the no-contact barriers into invisible objects that act as object references.

I apologize if this is all cluttered. It's 3:45 am and I'm too lazy to clean things up. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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