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 Post subject: How do I set titans to spawn in certain ways.
PostPosted: April 1st, 2019, 5:20 pm 
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I am making a map that is going to be somewhat large in scale. Not Epic size, but large enough that I want the players to have to move to a new area to clear it of titans in order to finish the game. The idea is that they clear a wave inside the city, then they move through the gate to the area outside the walls to clear it. Once this is done I want to spawn Annie as a type of Final boss fight. How do I code it so that the mobs spawn at specific times throughout the game? Last time I made this map (I lost the file and I am trying to remake it but want to do it right this time) It kind of worked out the way I have indicated, and I feel like it has to deal with how I set up the map by accident, but i'm not sure.

I built the city first and it took up the entire initial slab that is granted via the custom map starting zone, Then I placed all the titan spawners and started work on the forest outside. Once the forest was done I placed the spawners in it and my last placement was the Annie spawner. I feel like it was just a coincidence that it happen to work out, but I wanted to make sure that this new map works correctly. Is there a way to handle the code so that it works this way again? or does this have to do with how I place everything?

- Edit -

Now that I am somewhat into the building of this project, some context.
The story I plan to have set for this is that this city will be known as City Alpha (Name to be changed in the future). The idea is that this is the 5th city on wall Rose. According to cannon there are only 4, which gives me room to have fun with ideas. This city has been built with an actual working city concept inside its walls, the difference though is that this one has the outside gate left open. This is a training guard for the elite titan fighters to train in a city like environment in case one of the other cities is breached, allowing each of the core to execute experimental combat tactics and fighting techniques in groups in a controlled environment. Outside the city are 2 different zones, a planes zone with a fort situated on a slight hill, and a forest zone with a fort situated in the forest. The purpose of each expedition related to City Alpha is to clear out the titans and keep the area secure so that the forts in the city, forest, and planes can be restocked with supplies as needed. Via lore there would be a tunnel under the entire thing so people can move supplies around as needed, but idk how to get rid of the initial starting cube.

As far as coding goes, I want titans to spawn in the city first, after they have been cleared via 1 or 2 waves, titans spawn outside the city. I could set it to have all the titans spawn at once and just not spawn again, but it isn't quite that simple. Due to how the spawns are set up they spawn first on the main platform first before they start spawning at any of the spawners. This means if I set it so 100 titans spawn, I wind up with 100 titans in a city that can only sustain 30 titans at a time.

Furthermore, I would like it if I can have text show up as a result of a certain number of titans spawning. Ex. Everyone joins, first message would be an explanation of City Alpha followed by the order to slay all the Titans in the city. Once a certain number of titans are taken out they are ordered to regroup and make their way to one of the outlying cities and clear the area of titans there. More in depth then this, but idk if there is a way to add code that will cause certain text to show up at certain times under certain situations.

- Edit -

I technically would like 3 different game mode concepts.
1) Simple Titan Mode - No special code, they just spawn whenever wherever and people swing around killing Titans.
2) Story Mode - Specific events are triggered as a result of what is happening in the world. Ex, 30 Titans cleared inside the city, new message and quest to clear Titans in a new region.
3) Triggered mode - As admin of the server, I want specific commands that will let me trigger Titans to spawn in specific sections of the map. Lets me force group combat in certain areas. This technically can be used as a forced Story Mode where I trigger a Titan event at an area and it is met with a message in the chat from a commander like
Commander "Titans Have been sighted at the fortress to the North East. Get over there and clear them out Recruits!"

FYI: Once I get this map finished I will be uploading it as an open map for any that want it. This is why I want to know how to make this work, I really want this to be a good map.
Thx for any help yall can give. :D


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