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Posted: November 23rd, 2015, 10:08 pm 

Hello guys and gals the moment youve been waiting for is finally here.This is my first post and skin edit on this site :D .But just to make sure nobody puts any marks like plagirism This is a Edited skin which the original costume is TheBellFox's HD restyled wrap-around cape male costume and she announced that they can be edited and posted by anyone.See there is only one unknown male undershirt which i think might be Levi's most likely so wanted to make the other characters versions of the outfit and so I made Erens set.I simply used the syringe to use the same colors of HD restyled Eren shirt and start adding shadings to the the shirt of the costume while looking at both costumes at the same time.If anyone has any problems please leave a comment below or PM me.And i give credit to BellFox for the amazing costume.The blades,3DMG,hair,cape,and eyes belong to SarahJeagerKR not me so be sure to check both these awsome artists works and i will see you guys later Battlefiends signing off.

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Posted: July 26th, 2017, 8:36 pm 

Hello everyone its been a very long time since i posted on this site. Ive been busy as of late and i had lost the motivation to work on skins since the game seemed to be declining. But i recently graduated from high school and saw that season 2 of AOT had rekindled a flame in everyone including myself allowing me to work on skins today.This is my 2nd skin this took me 2 months to finish and i have to say i could have done better. but here you go the Collosal Titan redrawn to look as Accurate to the anime.



if like it feel free to give a thank :D
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