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 Post subject: [Public] Hannah Diamant
Posted: February 9th, 2015, 5:12 pm

Hannah Diamant of the 104th Trainee Squad.

Another skin for my AoT series. This was my first time doing hair completely from scratch so it doesn't look too great.
Anyway, I'm not sure what skins to do next so feel free to leave suggestions below.


Requires hair #10 and costume #5 or #9

Enjoy the skin.

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 Post subject: Night Sky
Posted: January 28th, 2015, 1:03 am 

A night time skybox.

For precaution I'll just put this in:
Textures ain't mine, I just edited them to fit ingame.

Texture Links
Up -
Front -
Right -
Left -
Back -
Down -

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Posted: February 11th, 2015, 1:53 am

A collection of Attack on Titan themed skins. Here you can find skins for all your role playing/fandom needs. If you have a skin you want added or removed let me know.
White entries are available and red entries are not yet made or in progress.
Skins of characters not already in the game
Listed in alphabetical order

Anka Rheinberger by sarahjeagerkr

Bertolt Hoover by ReinerBraun

Daz by sarahjeagerkr

Dot Pixis by Nexxius

Dot Pixis by Kyouma

Eld Jinn by sarahjeagerkr

Erwin Smith

Farlan Church by KKerowski

Franz Kefka by Kyouma

Gelgar by Cappu

Gunther Shultz

Hannah Diamant by Kyouma

Hannes by sarahjeagerkr

HitchDreyse by Lilshit

Isle Langnar

Isabel Magnolia by KKerowski

Keith Shadis by TheMikarin

Kenny Ackerman by TheMikarin

Krista Lenz by sarahjeagerkr

Krista Lenz by JapandaCrew

Lynne by Cappu

Marlo Fruedenberg by Kyouma

Mina Carolina by Kyouma

Mitabi Jarnach

Mrs. Ackerman by sarahjeagerkr

Nanaba by Cappu

Nifa by Ink

Nile Dok by sarahjeagerkr

Oluo Bozado

Pastor Nick by Kyouma

Reiner Braun by ReinerBraun

Reiner Braun by Kyouma

Thomas Wagner by brokenrail

Ymir by sarahjeagerkr
Skins remastered from/styled like the old version
Listed in alphabetical order

Annie Leonhardt by TheBellFox

Armin Arlert by TheBellFox

Connie Springer by TheBellFox

Daz by sarahjeagerkr

Eren Jeager by TheBellFox

Eren Jeager - Trost by TheBellFox

Hanji Zoe by TheBellFox

Ilse Langnar by sarahjeagerkr

Jean Kirstein by TheBellFox

Krista Lenz by TheBellFox

Levi Ackerman by TheBellFox

Marco Bott by TheBellFox

Mikasa Ackerman by TheBellFox

Petra Ral by TheBellFox

Rico Brzenska by TheBellFox

Samuel Linke-Jackson by sarahjeagerkr

Sasha Braus by TheBellFox

Ymir by TheBellFox
Skins of titans and titan shifters
Armored Titan by KKerowski

Armored Titan by YamakashiMBS

Beast Titan by TheMikarin

Berserk Eren Titan by evton

Sonny and Bean by Ink

Ive never done a skin compilation before, so if I did something wrong just let me know and I'll fix it.

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 Post subject: AOT Anka Rheinberger
Posted: March 17th, 2015, 2:40 pm 

ok i just posted eld jin so i will now post one of dot`s bodygard Anka Rheinberger i asked kyou what hair fits anka and he said mikasa so i used mikasa uh the eyes were made by me and for the costume use annies hoodie just make the hoodie transparent if there are any bugs let me know by feedback ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!! Anka Saluting you :

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 Post subject: Nifa!
Posted: March 16th, 2015, 7:31 pm 

A very minor character, Nifa, is presented to you all!
She's a veteran Survey Corps member who shows up a few times in the manga.

Spoiler alert:
She was killed by Kenny Ackerman in chapter 57. Her face was blown off. Poor Nifa.

Use hair 1!
The eyes could be a LOT better and I might redo them in the future...

But enjoy your Nifa!

You guys have no idea how many times I was kicked or banned from canon servers today because people didn't know Nifa was a canon character. SPREAD NIFA AWARENESS

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 Post subject: [Public] Pastor Nick
Posted: March 18th, 2015, 4:26 pm

Pastor Nick of the Wall Cult.

I don't know why I made this, but I did. If anyone wants it I'll make an alternate, more calm eye set and/or a version without the sword handles. Also, I apologize for the bland outfit however I made this pretty quickly. I may improve the textures later but this was mainly just for fun. :3


Requires male hair #10 (bald)


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 Post subject: AOT Nile Dok!!!!!!!!
Posted: March 18th, 2015, 6:36 pm 

Nile Dok, i wanted to make someone in mp that i dont mind as much so i made Nile uhhhh i like how he came out he looks great and i like using him for rp`s anything your heart wants to use him for also credit to kyouma cuz i recolored his jean hair and his skin texture and used his dot pixis bolo tie skin so if there are any problems just tell me and always ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the textures: in case the link is not working use

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 Post subject: [Public] Hannes
Posted: March 17th, 2015, 12:35 am

Hannes of the Stationary Guard.

I started this skin quite a while ago but never really finished it due to a special project I've been working on. Originally I wasn't gonna post it since there's already a Hannes skin on the site but I haven't posted a skin in a while so here you go.


Requires male hair #8


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Posted: March 17th, 2015, 2:27 pm 

I wanted to update this because the old version of the skins was not High Definitions like my skins are now so here you go. Also i Reused the Anime Accurate Cape And Costume And 3DMG. Be Sure To use Costume_21, Male Hair_8, and Face_1. If there are any questions or problems with the skins reply, if you like smack, that thank button, Feedback would be nice as well ENJOY!!!!!

Screenshots, But First let me take a selfie.~

(public) Attack On Titan - Eld Jin (Update 10292015)~

Incase you cant see the bla bla bla...yeah here XD:

thank you for reading this far i hope you enjoy the skins

The Old Post

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Posted: August 10th, 2015, 7:03 pm 

I made this about a few weeks ago and forgot to post it, so im posting it now i think i did a really great job making the hair look like Krista's hair in the anime/Manga as well as the eyes and i made the eyes a few month back in April i may make them a bit cleaner but for now the skin set it done mostly, also USE COSTUME 9 AND HAIR 7 TO WORK RIGHT ,still not doing request`s, if there are any questions or problems with the skins reply, if you like smack that thank button, Feedback would be nice as well ENJOY!!!!!! :D :D :D :D


~Attack On Titan - Krista lenz Updated ~

Incase you cant see the bla bla bla...yeah here XD:

thank you for reading this far i hope you enjoy the skins

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Posted: August 10th, 2015, 11:01 am 

Why do I keep doing skins

Hello hello, one and all, to the very first skin I have ever made! I'm new to this site, so just ignore the 101 posts I've made, and ignore the fact that I'm a Veteran Artist! All of those skins I put up? Meeeh you're just seeing things. THIS is my very first skin! I'm serious!

All stupidity aside, this is my 102'nd post. :3 I worked pretty hard on this tonight after I saw a Wind Waker Mod where they made different costumes out of Link's normal costume, and I thought that was pretty cool! So, in my slump as an artist, I've taken the offensive on the frontlines of artistic stupidity, and I've made this abomination. It was edited from my other Toon Link stuff, but it's unique, because it's Zelda, which is why most people even view my stuff..

... my most viewed stuff on my imgur accounts and stuff.. aww.

Also, if you do enjoy this skin, I HIGHLY suggest you try Tyxant's Double Helix Blades for this, as they are 100.1% better than what I could have done with it. xD You can find the blades in the topic below~

Tyxant's Double Helix Blades:
Fierce Deity Link - Wind Waker Styled
Click the link below if the previews above don't work for you. x3 They never really worked for me, so here's a fix to help out everyone~

Fierce Deity Link Overview
Fierce Deity Link Close Up
Fierce Deity Link Saluting

I hope you all enjoy~ I'm bloody tired, so I'm going to go lie down for a bit. xD Thank you all for reading this far~ I hope you all have a lovely day/night. x3

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 Post subject: Super Mario Themed Titans
Posted: January 9th, 2015, 12:52 pm 

Hi there,

here are the Super Mario themed titans I've made. I'm not that good at making skins, especially for the newer titans but well, it still is okay I think. :D

Here's the link for the textures (the link should work, otherwise I'll make a zip file):,7UpF4RI,IwppA4Q,e5QoJXI,JMtBZ4X,srq4HlZ,Zi0j1nI,Kg8HBgi,GGKPms8,YufmsNA,5rbaSFa,I8rc6oF,ocOQny3

Don't forget to set the titan's hair to "male_05" so the hair is shown correctly!

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 Post subject: Shrek
Posted: March 26th, 2015, 4:49 am 



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 Post subject: Sonny and Bean!
Posted: March 15th, 2015, 11:35 am 

It took me FOREVER to hunt down this duo! I was trying to get a couple with realistic sizes. ("Bean" is still too tall but eh whatever)

The image for Bean's eyes has much larger dimensions than Sonny's, but oh well.

I might cut Sonny's hair later, but for now, just use my crappy image with Male Hair 0.
For Bean's, use Male Hair 2.

Any constructive criticism or commentary is greatly appreciated!

Doctertotheman was kind enough to shrink these down. Here're the new images:
*ahem* since this is so amazing I went ahead and FTFY

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Posted: April 7th, 2015, 12:27 pm


A new Batman skin with 4 costumes to choose from, though some of textures are from the old version I made. I left the old skin as a separate topic in case anyone wants to use that. There are batnipples on these costumes. You're welcome.

Costume's skin base by DireWolfwere . You can view the original here ; and be sure to thank DireWolfwere for all of his hard work. Yes, I'm a lazy moron.

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Posted: April 3rd, 2015, 7:51 pm 

ok so i thought when i made sam he will be used alot turns out pepole dont use the remasted charicters as much so i made a new style sam i think this looks great he comes with a 2 coatless version as well cuz the first one did not have the brown skirt but the last one did so you pick between them and of course..... USE COSTUME 21 OR 22 AND HAIR 8 TO WORK RIGHT!!!!!!!! if there are any problems with the skin let me and always ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Screenshots: AOT Samuel Linke-Jackson Textuers: AOT Samuel Linke-Jackson original coatless texture:

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 Post subject: Gollum (LOTR)
Posted: January 9th, 2015, 11:10 pm 

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 Post subject: AOT Mike Zacharius!!!!
Posted: April 15th, 2015, 8:27 pm 

I never did like the way mike looked in the game so i made him since i promesed some pepole id make him USE COSTUME 19 TO WORK if there are any problems with the skins let me know and always ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D


Team Zacharius

AOT Mike Zacharius textures:

incase you can see the bla bla bla here:

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Posted: April 15th, 2015, 11:44 pm


It's been a while since I made an AoT related human skin. This was fairly basic compared to most of my recent skins, in that I didn't have to edit the costume significantly. Just felt like making a relatively simple skin.

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 Post subject: Pit (Kid Icarus) skin
Posted: November 9th, 2014, 9:31 am 

Pit/ Kid Icarus
(A skin request)

Update: Changed some into a working Higher Resolution Texture
Sorry for the delay :P
It sucks having no Internet at HOME :x
I had to go to an Internet shop for this :cry:
but still I hope you guys Like it :D

Click the Buttons below:

Blond version (a request):

for the wings and gas I used DireWolfwere's Black eagle wings :arrow: and turned it white, So give him a thanks for me :D

Basic Rules
8. Do NOT plagiarize. Skins must be your own creation, or shared with permission.
means You Do Not Have the Permission To Repost the Texture, just Relink this Post
and If you are going to use the texture for making your own skin Please Ask for a Permission First, Thanks
Hit that Button below if you Liked/Used the Skin :D Thanks
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