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 Post subject: Sky Islands
Posted: February 2nd, 2019, 1:50 pm 

Well this map is quite a big and weird one. I tried a lot of different things while building this (also started to learn how to use custom logic halfway through),so some parts ended up pretty good, some bits half-assed and some just straight up weird. But I'm quite happy with how most of it turned out.
The title might not make much sence, I started building this map as just a few floating islands and made things up as I went along (and didnt care much for thinking of a better name).

This map also requires you to use custom logic, included in the 2nd link. Wich you'll have to paste into the textbox in the custom logic tab, from the ingame menu, then restart the game to have it active.
If you don't have the custom logic active, the standard titans that appear at the start of the game (or on new waves, if played on wave mode) will only spawn on the bottom of the map in a small area, the default place where you start when you open up the level editor.

Here are the links to the mapscript and custom logic:
Custom Logic
Some screenshots:

And some notes on how this custom logic works:
Custom logic on this map is mainly used for two things: spawning titans into certain areas and to teleport yourself to different locations, as a way to fast travel on the map.
To activate these spawns and teleports, you simply move into certain areas. Not all of those are very obviously placed or easy to find, so I highly reccomend to open up the map in the level editor and have a look around in there. That way, the areas that trigger the custom logic, or where the titans spawned with it appear, will be visible by see-through red boxes (called region in the lvl editor).
*My apologies if this is complicated for people new to custom logic alltogether. But I hope you'll enjoy it anyways.*

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 Post subject: Just a City Map
Posted: February 2nd, 2019, 12:21 pm 

Hi folks! Got me a few old maps I made, that I might as well share over here before this ol game dies out completely. This one is pretty simple and straightforward to use. The default game settings will do just fine I think. Later maps I'll post will be a bit more tricky to use, as I started learning to implement custom logic into the maps: to spawn titans, teleport/revive players and other shenanigans you can do with that.

Here's a link to the mapscript.
And a few screenshots mashed together so you know what you're getting into.
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