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Posted: April 2nd, 2017, 12:23 am 

I'm releasing my little Hamilton skins! I've gotten a few compliments and thought they should be up for grabs. I'm still gonna be a jackass and keep the #realsies skins for me and my sisters only - for now.

Here is the uniform for anybody only interested in the costume rather than the whole character set!

(these even come with a free mouth unless you prefer your own. It's very cute and fitting to the style, though: )

These costumes are a bit messy in some aspects. Sometime I'll take the time to dust them off and make them more appealing but I'd say they're alright for now! They fit both male and female, though the female set is recommended if you're looking to portray the long-haired characters. With the jacket, the chest is hardly noticeable!

Alexander Hamilton v1: Recommended for this set: fem hair 2, uniform jacket

Aaron Burr: Recommended for this set: no hair in particular tbh, uniform jacket

John Laurens: Recommended for this set: fem hair 2, uniform jacket

Lafayette (he has his own costume inside): Recommended for this set: hanji's hair, and one of the collared costumes without the uniform jacket

George Washington (he has his own costume inside): Recommended for this set: fem hair 9, uniform jacket

Hercules Mulligan: Recommended for this set: Jean's hair, uniform jacket

The Schuyler sisters are coming soon with more characters!

Please do not claim as your own or try to steal, I will be very sad.
Let's start a AoTTG revolution!

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 Post subject: 2D (Gorillaz) Skin
Posted: April 7th, 2017, 1:16 am 

Hope you 2D fans are pleased with this. This is about a year old and I never planned on releasing it but I stopped using it and it's just kind of getting dusty in my folder. It's not the best but by all means, take it.

Here is the whole bundle:

Recommended: Eren's hair, definitely, and a collarless shirt.

Maybe someday I'll make a better one if it's demanded. I was thinking about a Russel titan lmao.
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