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 Post subject: Recolored Basic Gas
Posted: May 17th, 2016, 5:44 am 

Recolored Basic Gas

Hi there , i've been looking for sets of basic gas with this color for months but haven't been successful so i tried recoloring them on the colors that i like

Here's the gases

and here's the screenshots

TY for looking at this one :) enjoy

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 Post subject: ~Night Tempest~
Posted: May 31st, 2016, 10:01 am 

~Night Tempest~

Hi! this is the first blade i've ever made from scratch Hope you like it :D . i would really appreciate it if you could tell me anything wrong or good about my blade and am open for anything that can improve how i make blades :lol:

Here's le screenshot ,

Also made 5 more colors of it just in case the color doesn't match your skin set

Here's the Blade Links

Thank you for viewing :D

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 Post subject: ~ GN Storm ~
Posted: July 15th, 2016, 6:27 pm
Hi ! Its me again, school occupied majority of my time so i wasn't able to make new blades but since we have like 4 days of no classes I decided to make another one :) Hope You Like it :D Took me a while to make this one. Like my first blade post here, this one also has a variety of color in case the color of the default one doesn't suit your set. :D and also like my first blade , I'm open for criticisms for me to improve :D

I got inspired to make this blade because of Exia's GN Long Sword and since the idea came from Exia, i included the logo of Celestial Being on the 3dmg and as well as on the blade :P

Here's the Blade Links :D

And Here's the more detailed view of the blade colors

And Again, Hope you like my newest product :lol:

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 Post subject: ~ Jagged Neo Sabers ~
Posted: August 12th, 2016, 3:27 pm 

Jagged Neo Sabers

Hiiiii here's the third blade i made for public use hope you like it :D
I took the opportunity to make another blade in my mind after i finished all of my midterm exams :D though i still have problems with choosing the right colors that can blend well.
the 3dmg is the same 3dmg i made for my night tempest blade post :D

Looking for other colors? Look Below :lol:

And Lastly the album link. Enjoy :lol:

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Posted: September 10th, 2016, 6:08 pm
Hayooo~ I'm back :lol: we lost our net and i too busy with school so i didn't had the chance to make a new blade :cry: anyhow this is the first bladeset i've made. Hope you like it :D

I Present to you~ (with color varieties of course )

Dragon Scales
Dragon Scales Link:

Pristine Edge
Pristine Edge Link:

And Lastly, my version of Lightning's Blade from FFXIII
Lightning's Blade ( Yuzuha Made ) :
Note:This is by far the best i've ever made :lol: . I didn't make color variations of it because it looks great the way it is. Looks better when you look at it more closely ingame with good lighting

Picture i used as a basis

Again~ No editing without my permission Thank youuu~ Enjoy

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Posted: October 26th, 2016, 6:41 pm

HayoooO~ Its me. Lost our internet again as usual and got motivated to do blade making . anyhow I present to you " The Sacred Blade of the Shepherd " Or Lailah's Artifact ( the one Sorey first sees ) . I didn't manage to get the exact look especially near the handles but i hope you like it

played the game and watched the anime so yeh got it from there :D :D

and also this is the first time i tried making double edged and discovered how to make the gold color with shines :D


Dont forget to press that like button :D thank you. Enjoy~

Update 10/31/2016
~Here's a better image ingame

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 Post subject: ~ HD Electric Trails ~
Posted: October 18th, 2016, 2:16 am 

Hayooo just made this for my set but you might like it also :D
HD and Simple
Enjoy :lol:
Used photoshop brushes for this one

~update 11/1/2016
More Screenies ingame

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 Post subject: ~ Rust Crimson Gear ~
Posted: November 22nd, 2016, 4:03 pm
Gooodmornight everyone :D

This is my first time making an almost full set. Hope you like it :D
This is my Entry for our PH Skinmakers Group ( Blacksmiths PH ) Steam Punk Theme event and i posted it today custhis is the feastday of our group which is St. Clements day ( Feast day of blacksmiths )

Nawww Featuring
Rusty Piercer my latest design ( this also looks worthy of being called a personal skin )
My Newest Blacksmith costume with our logo at the back
Crimson hair ( first time i've ever tried making a hair )

Other Screenshots:

Welp Linkyyyyy~~~
Crimson Hair:
Rusty Piercer:
Rusty Smith ( Costume ) :
Note: Reuploaded some of the set because some fail to load ingame

PS: Character Skin and Eyes not included ( its my personal ones )
Looks Better Ingame
Having our Group Logo on costume doesn't always mean the player is a member of BlackSmiths PH.

Enjooooyyyy~ Schnubul Out

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 Post subject: ~ Aurora Bird~
Posted: January 6th, 2017, 3:00 pm
Goodevening everyone, decided to make yet another blade and experimented on blending three colors, i was planning to do a bubblegum color theme but i ended up with something similar to auroras so.. here ya go :D hope you like it :D

More Screenshots

Gameplay View of the skin
PS: Sorry for the video quality, my computer can't handle better qualities while recording without a good graphics card so this is as far as i can make on gameplay videos.

Lastly, the Linkyyyyy~

Enjooooooy~ if you can't see the blade clearly, just ask for another screenshot and i'll gladly make it.

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 Post subject: ~ Valentine's Petal ~
Posted: February 13th, 2017, 10:16 am 

Announcement: Goodevening everyone :) Valentines is near so we from Blacksmiths PH decided to make Valentines Skin making Contest!! Weeee! we hope you like our products :D

My Entry for the Valentines Skin Making Contes t

~ Valentines Petal ~
( Face also not included )

Ingame Look

Here are the Other Screenies~
Front View

Back View

Heart's Key ( Blade & 3DMG )

Tribal Heart Gas

Lastly..... the linkyyyyyyy~
Valentine's Petal Costume:

Heart's Key:

Sakura Colored Hair:

Tribal Heart Gas:

Advance Valentines Day Everyone :D

Yuzu out~

PS: Sorry for the font colors. i'm bad at choosing font colors

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Posted: March 25th, 2017, 7:55 am 

Yuzuha's Weapon Rack 2nd Edition

Hayooooooo after a year of suffering due to Senior High School, I managed to survive until our LONG AWAITED SUMMER BREAK wooooo :lol: . Anyhow since i have more time to make skins, i tried making some as my comeback skinset. ( Though i became somewhat rusty or my work really is always like this )

Meet le New Blades

Fate Extra: Sabre's Noble Phantasm

Linky with Other Colors Available :

Next is.....

The Runic Piercer

Linky with Other Colors Available :


The Fafnir

Linky with Other Colors Available :

Thank you :D Hope you like it. Dont Forget to Push that like button :lol:

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 Post subject: ~ Woodland Christmas Blade~
Posted: December 20th, 2016, 3:00 pm
Hayooo Good day everyone, its been awhile since i last made a blade because i was really busy. Anyhow here's my entry for our group, BlackSmiths PH, Winter Armory 2016 Event. Hope you like it :D i kinda rushed it and i was lacking in ideas due to the deadline being today ( i think ? )

Moaarrr Screeenshoooooootssss

Lastly,,, LINKYYY

Advance Merry Christmas Everyone

PS: We now recieved the permission to post the skins. sorry for the wait :D update 12/25/2016

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 Post subject: ~ The Streika ~
Posted: May 12th, 2017, 5:03 pm
Hi guys. Its been a long time since i posted here in this section and i would like to finally share to you one of my treasured personal blades. Here's

The Streika

Hope you like it :D Its really time to release this before dust clings to it on my weapon racks. Treat it welll and pls dont plagiarize. Its the first blade i've ever made with Paint Tool Sai

Original Blade Color
Other Blade Colors

PS: Due to public demand, i've also added multiple colors of the blade ~ 6/9/17

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Posted: May 12th, 2017, 4:05 pm
Hi Guys summer is here in the Philippines but we are close to going back to school ._. * crais * . Anyhow i always wanted to make the uniform from the Break Blade anime after watching it like two years ago i think? idk . Now that i learned how to make skins, my lazy side didn't let me make them for a long time even though i've already planned for it so yah i conqured my LAZY SIDE!

I bring to you,

The Kingdom Of Krishna

Standard Military Pilot Outfit
Linky ~

Linky ~

Sadly, i haven't done the other costumes so... stay tuned for more updates

Hope you like it :D Yuzu out

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 Post subject: Sech'Avare Sabre
Posted: October 3rd, 2017, 3:44 pm 

Ey its been some months since i posted something. Got busy with studies and all and somehow lost my motivation to play the game. Welp i got bored doing nothing so i decided to make another blade. Not sure if the design catches your eyes though but.. hope you like it :D


PS: You can recolor the blade if you want. just ask for my permission

Dont forget that like button though

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Posted: June 8th, 2019, 9:48 am 

wait isn't this already posted some years ago? and the blades too
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