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 Forum: Tribute Game Discussion   Topic: Is the game still worth playing?

Posted: October 11th, 2017, 2:26 am 

Replies: 8
Views: 6842

Maybe it's just me, but I'd say no. Back when AoT was fresh and new, this game was bomb. Now it's just a shadow of its former self. I feel like it's due to the lack of monumental changes, leaving the game to rot in obscurity as people moved on. Nowadays we just have abusive modders left and right, a...

 Forum: Video Games   Topic: Anyone play Fire Emblem Heroes?

Posted: August 15th, 2017, 12:53 am 

Replies: 1
Views: 1337

Hey all. Hope you all are doing great. Just decided to pop back into the forum and see how everything is. Can't say it's been super active, but I'm still glad there are a few wandering souls out and about. ^^ Anyway, I was just curious to know if anyone here plays Fire Emblem Heroes. I've been incre...

 Forum: 3DMG & Blades   Topic: Ezeldee Blade

 Post subject: Re: Ezeldee Blade
Posted: April 28th, 2017, 4:04 am 

Replies: 12
Views: 12014

That's a badass looking sword, nice work!

 Forum: Tribute Game Discussion   Topic: ~Feng's Christmas Gift? ~ ( Must See )

Posted: December 30th, 2016, 4:46 am 

Replies: 8
Views: 2639

He HASN'T forgotten! YES!! Thanks for sharing. :D I think with season 2's release next year, the community will finally resurrect.

 Forum: Tribute Game Discussion   Topic: Letting the community die.

Posted: November 28th, 2016, 6:53 pm 

Replies: 3
Views: 2224

Actually, you have pretty good grammar. :) It is true that the community seems to be dying out, but I guess it's because the game loses it charm after playing it so many times. Time passes, and people move on. Their interests often change as a result, which could explain why it's getting lonelier he...

 Forum: Skin Requests   Topic: Request: Blake Belladonna Vol. 4 Outfit

Posted: November 18th, 2016, 3:09 am 

Replies: 0
Views: 956

Hello everyone. So with Volume 4 of RWBY underway, I was wondering if someone could make Blake's new outfit. Oh come on, don't tell me it doesn't look awesome. I was thinking that it can be best done with Annie'...

 Forum: Male Sets   Topic: TECHNO ROGUE SET

 Post subject: Re: TECHNO ROGUE SET
Posted: November 2nd, 2016, 10:09 pm 

Replies: 8
Views: 17650

You two did great!

Also, can you please recolor it to cyan? Hex code is 00FFFF.

 Forum: 3DMG & Blades   Topic: Techno Sheath

 Post subject: Re: Techno Sheath
Posted: October 9th, 2016, 12:57 am 

Replies: 3
Views: 5647

EriLatRem wrote:
May I have permission to edit this?

Yeah sure!

Azarath wrote:
Looks great! I love it.

Why thank you. ;u;

 Forum: 3DMG & Blades   Topic: Techno Sheath

 Post subject: Techno Sheath
Posted: October 3rd, 2016, 3:46 am 

Replies: 3
Views: 5647

Because I totally have the best names, right? Yeah, no. How's it going guys, it's been while since I last posted a skin. College has been eating the last remaining pieces of my soul, but I still manage to pop in once in while. I hope everyone is doing well. :) Anyway, I came up with this idea... Act...

 Forum: 3DMG & Blades   Topic: Neon 3DMG Set (comes in 8 colors!)

Posted: August 25th, 2016, 9:12 pm 

Replies: 4
Views: 16138

SchneeStreika wrote:
The long lost Neon 3dmg has returned Thank you for this!!!

Aha, you're very welcome! :D
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