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 Post subject: Crystals of Power (RP and PVE Map)
PostPosted: December 24th, 2015, 1:33 am 
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This map takes place in my own version of feudal Europe during the Middle Ages when knights were common, the church was corrupt and power hungry, and the plague was about to strike and wipe what happened on this map off the history books... somehow... cause the plague.

Now first off onto the script versions of my map
RP Version
Original Version (PVE)
No Secrets PVE Version

And what post wouldn't be complete without some preview pictures of the map
My castle where my power lies deep underneath in the bowels of the catacombs where the great and all powerful Crystals of Power lie ready to consume those who can't control there magnificent power
The Church that was built within my great town to help try and control the residents of my land so they may... try and control me... but they don't know the forces they're dealing with, Crystals of Power... HATE... being controlled and tamed :twisted:
The graveyard that within dwells the Crystal of Power that has become quite loving of this town, as long as they keep feeding it their corpses and elderly
A mountain moved from it's original location to burry a long forgotten civilization that came under the control of a Crystal of Power they thought they could control, oh why do humans think they can control was nature has brought before them, if they want true power they must give them everything, their sanity, bodies, souls, EVERYTHING!!!!!
A forest created by a gentle and calm Crystal of Power that only wishes to grow trees, flowers, and grass to spread it's influence and power throughout all the lands on this planet
This canyon houses the natural predators of all Crystals of Power, the Crystal Shades, their hunger knows no bounds, they are faster than any horse, can regenerate most wounds, and clone themselves so quickly 1 can turn into 100 in minutes, they are not to be trifled with, and nothing can truly stop their endless hunger

Now onto what's truly important... the Crystals of Power
The Crystal of Fire
Born in the fires of Pompeii during it's eruption, it has protected the Earth from solar storms and any fire that dares to destroy this precious planet
The Crystal of Water
Born in the sinking of Atlantis this crystal has calmed the seas and controlled how the water flows for a millennia and will not hesitate to make them rage once again
The Crystal of Earth
Born when the Earth was split in half and stopped the planet from being destroyed and has been shown to move mountains and split continents apart
The Crystal of Air
Born as the first tornado raged upon Jupiter and flew here when it felt it had more potential in power on our puny little planet we call home

Now onto the Crystals made by mixing them together
Crystal of Animallinity
Makes one a true beast transforming their body into the animal they truly see as themselves
Crystal of Wisdom
Gives the user such incredible intelligence they can see into the near future
Crystal of Strength
Super charges ones muscle to the point of beyond anything seen before
Crystal of Purity
Gives one a silver tongue that can change how a person thinks and what they truly believe to be right, the church has been wanting this one for decades
Crystal of Silence
Wind bends around the user and no wave or vibration would dare bounce off of the one who bares this crystal to where they can't make a sound
Crystal of Will
Turns ones mind into a titanium shell unable to be broken or altered and if one can reach deep enough, able to alter the things around them
Crystal of Speed
Allows oneself to break the limits of ones legs and with every kick carry the force of volcanic eruptions behind them
Crystal of Focus
Gives ones eyes such power that they can see miles and see things in different perspectives (night vision, heat, etc)
Crystal of Defense
Turns ones skin into that of titanium but still just as flexible and makes them able to withstand things that tanks would be obliterated by
Crystal of Life
A crystal that gives birth to forests, grasslands, and lush fertile fields and has never been known to be controllable like most other mixed crystals
Crystal of Death
Loves life underground and feeds on death and decay and just like the Crystal of Life can't be controlled but doesn't mean it won't listen to what you request of it
Crystal of Corruption and Decay
A true Crystal of Power, whoever uses it will be able to destroy whole forests in a day and make anything they touch toxic and unable to have anything live their ever again
Crystal of Slavery
Tears at peoples minds of whoever it is focused at and wants only to turn all life into it's puppets to become the strongest Crystal of Power

But remember this, all Crystals of Power want only 1 thing
To control everything
To grow more powerful
To take away all that you want
To destroy all that gets in their way
To become the strongest
And if you want to control one of them
Good luck, most people die trying


 Post subject: Re: Crystals of Power (RP and PVE Map)
PostPosted: December 24th, 2015, 2:09 am 
Newbie Map Maker
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Thank you I promise to make more maps to give the RPers and PVErs of AOTTG plenty of maps to explore and have fun on :D


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