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Eastern Raider
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Author:  LiselPospolity [ October 8th, 2016, 1:24 am ]
Post subject:  Eastern Raider

Hey there.
So i made yet another skin and decided to post it online. This one's called Eastern Raider but to be honest i should name it Soldier of Rhun. Yup, i've made another Lotr skin, this time it worked out well
So without any waiting, here are photos
I would have made a helmet but...knowing me i wouldnt get result i like. So instead you can have your fancy hairs floating on wind.
Skin itself was ment for male only, but after testing it worked out pretty well with female body.

Here are skins: jacketless costume besides levi's/mikasa's/annie's ones) mask, gloves and grips)

I hope you'll like it. If so then maybe, hit thanks? Also if you want to edit, use it as a base etc.
Just credit me in your topic.

P.S.: If someone doesn't know how Easterlings(Rhun soldiers) look like and are curious to check, here are two of my reference pics:

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