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Rules & Guidelines (8/6/2015)
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Author:  Mika [ September 14th, 2014, 7:05 am ]
Post subject:  Rules & Guidelines (8/6/2015)

Basic Rules
1. NO adult content/illegal content/racism/excessive profanity. Use common sense.
2. No spam or double posting. Use the edit button.
3. Use external links to image hosts instead of attachments when possible.
4. If you post a skin, you must show a preview of what it looks like in game.
5. Be polite! I don't want to see any bashing or bullying.
    5.1. Do not name and shame!
6. If you do share textures, they must be compatible with the latest RC Mod.
7. No begging for textures if someone decides not to share it.
8. Do NOT plagiarize. Skins must be your own creation, or shared with permission.
9. Modding discussion is limited to non-abusive clients.
10. You CAN use adfly or similar links on your skins. However, they must not be excessive or make your textures difficult to navigate.

Thanks & Contests
1. Do NOT trade or sell thanks (eg: Not releasing a skin until a certain # of thanks, providing art in exchange for thanking posts, etc). That was not the intent of the system, so save it for the contests.
2. Do NOT make duplicate accounts for the sole purpose of giving out thanks, these will be banned and your IP will be logged.
3. Voter fraud will be taken seriously during skin contests. Multiple votes from the same IP address will be thrown out.

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