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Screenshot Rule
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Author:  WilliamWhite [ May 25th, 2016, 2:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Screenshot Rule

In-game screenshots have always been a requirement on this site. Since day 1. They're in the Rule/Guidelines, so the excuse "I didn't know" doesn't work. Not to mention that there are several tutorials on this site about how to take screenshots, and the fact that you could simply Google, "How to take screenshots". If you can upload the skins to Imgur, you can upload screenshots. (Which also means the "I didn't have time to do screenshots" excuse doesn't work either.) So, here's what's going to happen;

If you post a skin without screenshots, you have 3 days to add screenshots to your post. If you fail to do so within those 3 days, your post will be removed without warning.

This applies to map makers as well.

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