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Ken Kaneki -The One Eyed King- (Tokyo Ghoul:re)
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Author:  SupaMika [ August 30th, 2017, 3:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Ken Kaneki -The One Eyed King- (Tokyo Ghoul:re)


Hair 4 (Eren's hair):
Eyes (normal):
Eyes (serious):
Face (no mask):
Face (mask):
Skin (no mask):
Skin (mask):
Costume 22:
Logo and cape (Rinkaku V1):
Logo and cape (Rinkaku V2):
Logo and cape (Cloak):
Blades, Weapon Trail, Gas, etc (transparent):

Costume's skin base by DireWolfwere. You can view the original here; and be sure to thank DireWolfwere for all of his hard work.

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