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Skype group for skin work together
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Author:  DonkeySoda [ May 23rd, 2016, 6:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Skype group for skin work together

What's this about?
This group revolves around making multiple skins, but with one exception, everyone works as a team. Everyone is welcome in the skinning industry, beginners, experienced, everyone really ; As long as we're working together on a skin, we're good to go.

Why skype?
So whenever someone wants to do a Skin collaboration, we enter a skype call and watch ourselves do the work. This can help too since people may point out something that looks abit weird (As long as it isn't excessive criticism.), helping the artist improve.

What if the skin looks different in almost every limb?
That's the point, here we make skins with our own styles so there's atleast some variation in the artstyle. Don't worry if it comes out unexpectedly not anime-ish, realistic or nice looking. We're just having fun and improving.

Now to the real question, how will it work?
Simple enough, we discuss if we wanna do a skin collaboration, if all agree to, perfect! Now we plan out what kind of skin are we making : A character, an outfit, a blade, etc. Then we divide ourselves into different workspaces (The more people, the less workspaces there will be for each person), let's say we have 4 people, then person 1 will make the torso and the arms, person 2 will do the hands and the head, person 3 will do the legs and person 4 will do the 3DMG gear and the blades. (A single person can do multiple tasks or different ones if we agree to.)
Don't forget that we can also work together for a contest, but please don't go crazy over it.

The skype group
The link to join it :
Name : AOT Skin Work together
Rules :
1. Don't be harsh or critically excessive, no one likes that.
2. Don't force others to work on a certain part without group agreement.
3. Don't become Gordon Ramsay in a Skin contest.
4. Work together.

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