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 Post subject: Player Titan Bots???
PostPosted: April 16th, 2017, 9:46 am 
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Alright, so I used to play a lot of aottg back in the days where getting 2k was impressive.
There used to be this amazing feature in the RC mod, pretty sure back when it was a bookmarklet, where they added player-titan bots, AI PT.

Here's a few notes from the changelog:
9/1/2014, the first time AI PT was mentioned.
- City & Forest skins added (tree trunk & house skin limit is 1.5 mb)
- Skins are now loaded from a GUI accessed via pause menu. Thanks to Innti for introducing me to this.
- Air-reloading added
- Nape health mode added (sorta)
- custom titan spawning added
- /ban added
- infinite stamina no longer being updated (maybe ai pt is possible now)
- Infection mode added (partly functional with unmodded clients), please only use this in Forest I / City I
- Skins should now download completely before loading, and joining servers w/ skins should no longer
lag at the beginning(thanks to bope for giving me a few tips).

11/27/2014, here is mentioned that the AI PT won't be updated because the punk AI is good enough, stating that disabling rock throwing and only punks should give the same feel, but I think this is wrong. I have tried both, but playing with Player titan bots did really feel better.
Note: Clear your cache. To update, you must clear your cache or use incognito mode.
- New titan skins added - head & body are combined into one texture, hair uses male texture hair.
Current limit for the body is 500kb, I'll probably increase it next update. Hair and eyes are 200 kb each.
- weapon trail skin added, 200 kb limit. Redownload the skin folder.
- Skins download all at once before loading, meaning there is slightly more delay in initial skin loading
but it is much more efficient once the textures are cached
- added toggles for wind effect & weapon trail
- /antirock added, disable punk throwing rocks, also may or may not have removed the afros
- /mode spawn added, customize spawn rates, please read the notation for this carefully below
- anticheat improved somewhat
- skins not loading with bald hair bug should be fixed
- PT moves and AI PT mode are not updated. Not really sure what to do with this since PTs suck balls now,
probably what I will do is add in punk moves for player titans. AI PT probably won't be updated since the punk ai
is pretty decent so playing with all punks & no rock throwing will give you the same feel.
- white hexcodes for custom names are now allowed since the change is still noticeable.

The thing I'm hoping for is that someone is perhaps able to link me to a version of the RC mod when the player titan bots were still a thing? It's the most fun feature I've ever played with in this game and I'd really appreciate it. I have been searching the webs for a bit but nothing to be found, the only mentions of AI PT or player titan bots I found were on the changelog on the RC mod website...

Thank you for taking the time to read my post :D

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 Post subject: Re: Player Titan Bots???
PostPosted: April 17th, 2017, 7:57 pm 
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It's very interesting to remember that we used to have this feature in RC Mod, only to have it dropped. I remember them working fairly well, though the reason it was dropped, I think, was because the Punks without rocks were essentially the same AI that RC was trying to introduce.

I hate to be the one to say this, but the chances of you finding an old version is rather unlikely; the reason you can't find an old version, is because the old versions of RC Mod were bookmarklets, and unfortunately, bookmarklets are no longer being supported, whether they are functional or not. Even if you found a bookmarklet that was actually an old RC Mod version, it would be a bit of a task, (a rather difficult one, mind you) to actually succeed in finding one, and also getting it running.

I do applaud you for working so hard to find information of this though- I do really think it would have been a neat addition, it's a shame it was never put in fully. Regardless, I am not saying it's impossible- I'm only saying it's rather unlikely.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a lovely day. ^^

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