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 Post subject: Hello everyone, Im Xidraf...
PostPosted: December 15th, 2017, 6:05 pm 
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Hi everyone of this forum. It's been a year since I came in here and I think I deserve an introduction. It is not very special but tells how I met the game. I met him on YouTube and that's when I fell in love with him, and playing, I made several friends. Then I saw that I could put skins on the characters, then I went looking for skins, in that forum, and made some crazy combinations. When I started to do a graphic desing course, I learned how to use photoshop and started to make my own skins, except I did not post them directly, it was just anonymity, because I was afraid of what they would talk about. Then I just registred on "Imgur" to save there and I made several skins, but not very good, because I did not understand how they worked there sometimes they were crooked. After a while I learned how to increase the resolution so they look more beautiful. Then when a friend of mine asked me to make a Meliodas skin of the seven deadly sins I found it so cool that I asked if he let me post here. He left and it gave me the courage to come here once and that was my first post. And from there came several others. I still play this game, sometimes with my friends there we just messing around. It's all good fun. I think it was a little too big ...

Im Xidraf and it's nice to meet you.

Maybe you have not noticed but in some posts I left some random messages, only they are the same background color ... which I think is 262626. And to see them you had to select the text for the area to be blue and giving it to see him. It was just that.

Introduction at the character Xidraf.

Hi guys. If you have not noticed I'm a nobody. But from whom exactly? That's an excellent question. I am nothing nothing, nothing less than the Link's nobody from the game franchise of The Legend of Zelda. But how is this possible? Well, someone quite irreferably decided to put the name of the Hero of Time of D.Fira. He thought it was cool and kept it up. In fact that name originated in the game Digimon Rumble Arena 2, and that one of the speeches of the Gabumon looked very much like this, there it was. In Ocarina of Time in that sidequest of the big poe's, he surrendered the darkness to catch all the souls of the ghosts easier (Near them, the water tample is easy). Except that by doing this he created a heartless, which was the Dark Link, or Dark D.Fira in that expensive. And when one creates a heartless, there remains an empty shell, in what would be a nobody, that is, me. And that's how I was raised. And who gave me that name was Xemnas and I was termed as "the member who never was". Since there are many worlds, there must be Hyrule and Twilight Town too, right? And it's in the Twilight Town where I like to be.

Im a big fan of Kingdom Hearts and The legend of Zelda games.



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