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Posted: April 24th, 2015, 12:50 am 

READ THIS FIRST: If you want to edit, remix or use this map or any of my work in any way, you are welcome to. However, permission must be asked for first. Otherwise, any use will not be permitted and I will ask the moderator staff to remove your work.

GAMEPLAY WARNING: This map is much larger than the default map area, at a scale of 2x2 instead of the default 1x1 square. This map has a high object count, which is currently at 2,243 and will continue to increase as I work. This map is designed with the maximum Titan count, 50, in mind. Because of these three facts, I recommend that those who wish to play this map have a decent PC setup to avoid crashes. Also because of the high object count, load times will be moderately lengthy. This is unavoidable, so please be patient when attempting to load. RiceCake has done an excellent job of optimizing the game for RC clients, but take note of all this.


Special thanks to meecube for accepting my model requests and working on them with my cooperation. His work motivated me to continue work on this map after a down period following the announcement of RC Mod's discontinuation. Special thanks also go to TheBellFox for collaborating with Meecube and I to create the working cannon models that were originally specifically for this map, as well as RiceCake for making all of this possible.

If you like the map, please show it and leave a Thank at the bottom of this post!


First playable version is ready to go. Pretty sure that most of you already know the deal from the first attempt at the map, so I won't spend much time with explanations. What I will say is that this is decidedly a work-in-progress and there is still a lot to be added. If I get any comments along the lines of "where's the rest of the map" or "when will this be finished," I'm sorry, but an annoyed glare at the computer screen is the most I can give as a response. For the latter, there's simply no way in hell I can give any sort of estimated time of arrival. The process of building this map takes a lot of time and effort, and I simply don't know when or if I'll get work done, so bear with me. I've also just started college with a sizable work load, so my free time is even more diminished. Regardless, I'm doing my best, and I'll hope to get consistent progress on the map hammered out.

What's being prioritized in the map making process right now?
1. External area (50%)
2. Outer gate area (100%)
3. Headquarters (75%)
4. District area (20%)(CURRENT PRIORITY)
5. Roads (100%)
6. Finishing touches (0%)


Without further ado, follow the link below and copy the entire script to use the map. Enjoy.



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Posted: October 26th, 2015, 6:20 am 

This is an idea I have been working on for a bit now. Special thanks to TheBellFox for helping me out with the base by working with me to create a new base. Make sure to check out some of her other design's like her Restylized Series. If you like the design, or decide to use the skin, please say so down below.

TheBellFox's Restylized Levi:






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