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Posted: April 7th, 2015, 5:36 am 

Alright guys, the RP section is ready for play. There's a lot that I can and probably will add and fix later down the road, but now that the basics have been met, I'm posting the v1.1 script. A couple things to note: invisible barriers are up, so you won't be able to go over the wall or too far out into the nothingness, and I haven't bothered to cover all the doors and windows on the custom house, so don't bother going into those unless you're a derp--there's nothing in there to find.

Oh, and those screenshots are missing a few things (like the gate, obviously, which is now in place), I'm just too lazy to take current screenshots right now because I'm exhausted.

Now that that's taken care of, I'll be getting to work on finishing Trost in its entirety. Enjoy.

Comments? Suggestions? Leave them below. Enjoy.

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Posted: February 2nd, 2015, 8:25 am 

Here are color coded guides by me about the different parts of the object code in the map editor. Once new codes appear in the future, I'll go and update this post.

Basic Objects

Supply Point

Random Titan Spawn

Fixed Titan Spawn

Hope this helps for future mapmakers. Messing with different codes can be fun or frustrating at the beginning. Learn to play with it, then you'll be able to make a masterpiece.

Did I miss something? Contact me anytime for clarifications.

\(0v0)_ See you in the next one!

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Posted: October 24th, 2014, 3:11 pm 

Alright so I've decided that this section would probably be a better place for this topic than in the help section so I'm re-posting it here.

I figured I'd try and be helpful and post a thread that has links to tutorials or helpful links on the forums. At the moment I am just going to categorize things using user's names and then a list of topics below their names. If you don't see what you're looking for in this topic then please use the Search function here at AoTSkins or use Google. If those two options fail to help you find answers then please search the forums manually before creating a new topic.

I'll add more later on when I look through topics but I'll just leave what I've got so far so I can see what people think about this topic.

Q and A:

Question #1 - Where do I get the RC Mod?
Answer - You can get it here

Question #2 - Can you make eye patches and multi-colored eyes?
Answer - No, the skins are symmetrical/mirrored.

Question #3 - How do I take screenshots?
Answer - You can either use the printscreen button or download a program that takes screenshots.

Question #4 - The game isn't working so how do I post screenshots of my skin ingame?
Answer - Use the Skin Testing Client found on the RC Mod's website.

Question #5 - Where can I get the default skybox files? I downloaded the skin file from RC but it just has transparency with a few clouds.
Answer - You can get the default skybox without transpareny here.

Question #6 - .. how does one bookmark something so they can find this again? (without using the browser)
Answer - At the top of the page under the topic's title there is a Bookmark and Subscribe button. Clicking either one will save the topic to your User Control Panel. To access your subscriptions or bookmarks you go to User Control Panel - Manage subscriptions or Manage bookmarks.

For topics with only a picture and no link is provided
►Step one: click
step 2
step 3
Gifs courtesy of Halloween in this topic.

How to use the search function:
Gifs courtesy of Halloween in this topic.


• Torch making for the level editor.
• Using the level editor:water and steam
• Using the forum
• How to use Map Scripts.

• G o o g l e
• All texture names for all of you script typers

• RC mod - Script code guides.

• UV Maps .psd & Flipped
• Costume Labeled + Anatomy Things + Jean's Hair
• DireWolfwere's Toon Style [9.6.14]
• Makin' Skins in PaintToolSAI (DireWolfwere's Toon Style v2)
• Easily Recolor Skins! Easily Draw Skins!
• How to Use UV Maps (Video Tutorial)
• How to post screenshots.
• How to Recolor Skins (Written Tutorial)

• How to: make a skin topic. (template)

• HD Male Hair (1024x1024) ReColoring Hair FAST and EASY
• HD Female Hair (1024x1024) ReColoring Hair FAST and EASY

• 「Perspective Tutorials」|「Shintaro's Skin Making Style」
• 「Perspective Tutorials」|「Shintaro's Costuming Style」
• 「Perspective Tutorials」|「Shintaro's Sword Wielding Style」
• 「Perspective Tutorials」|「Shintaro's Hair Making Style」
• Ghegi's Video Tutorials
• How to check WIP skins the easy way + gold mesh problem!
• Plain UV MAP Template ( 512x512 )
• Traced UV Maps [9.6.14]
• Blender AutoRefresh

• Titan Skin Base (Labeled & Colored) [ Outdated ]
• Halloween's Skin Making & Using Tutorial (Basic)
• [New] Titan Skin Base (Labeled & Colored)
• ►Eye Base [Marked Boundaries]
• ►So your skin's not working? [Get Help Here]

• Textures
• Models
• UV map template
• ahss textures
• ahss uv map template
• ahss models
• How to take a screenshot
• How to Google

• Firealpaca tutorial!

• Labeled & colored SKIN map

• How To Make an easy and simple Eye with photoshop

• How to turn off titans for a custom map RP BY LilySnow

• "「SAO: Hollow Fragment - Custom Lisbeth」" Photoshop PSD File

• Great tutorial to make clothes look more realistic

• How to wield a single blade!

• how to do transparency. (free & simple way-no downloading)

• how to makes invisible !!!

• Basic skin application tutorial. (video)
• How to change the color of your name. (video)

• 3D Skin Making BlenderTexturePaint Tutorial by NapeSlayer

• How to create a skin! (New RC)
• How to change the map skin!

• Removing a Skin's Blade Handles and Blades for Beginners

• RC mod tutorial for the new AOTTG
• Level Editor

• Map Creation - Norwaydude's way

• {[[----Skin making templates----]]}

• Hat Templates and Tutorial
• Skirt Template and Tutorial

• How to get limitless barriers/no barriers
• How multiple people can help in the same map.
• Random script coding that work (somewhat)

• Need help/tips in coloring blades/swords
• Please help - Pink, Transparent??
• Any Other Tools To Make Skins
• I cannot get rid of the gold mesh problem
• Ghegi's Speedskinning collection!
• [Resolved] How do I lower file size
• how to make a fancy name
• Weird Hair problem
• Help With Screenshots
• Skins are not working
• Can't get to the Pause Menu
• Level Editor RAGE
• how to paste the map scripts
• AOTTG failure to launch game:unity:
• IMPORTANT - If you cannot play the game on Google Chrome, read ASAP

• Gimp
• Photoshop
• Blender
• Paint Tool Sai
• Krita
• Pixlr
• G o o g l e
• TinyPNG
• Lightshot
• FireAlpaca

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 Post subject: Agito (Air Gear)
Posted: September 23rd, 2014, 7:13 pm 


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Posted: April 29th, 2015, 4:40 am 

The map is skateboarded by placing precise, smooth countless barriers on the road
best to play with
titan size 3 3
antieren on
endless spawn 5s
spawn rate 0 0 0 100 0
pvp mode 0
friendly 1


gameplay video:


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 Post subject: Scorpion - MORTAL KOMBAT X
Posted: April 28th, 2015, 6:45 pm

This is my 2nd skin and i'm going to make more skins in the future :)

It's a Scorpion Mortal Kombat X skin. It took me about 5 hours to make it and i hope you guys like it :)

Weapon trail

Weapon trail:

Requirements (!!important!!):
Thank you :)

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 Post subject: Chug's 10k map
Posted: May 1st, 2015, 4:02 pm 

Not trying to brag, but I honestly think this is the best map on the forums right now.
Its better than all other k maps because you can actually get 10k on it
Enjoy using it and please thank the post



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Posted: May 3rd, 2015, 7:08 pm 

please read the text first
So this is my first post on this forum and the first thing I posted is my map which I made in 3 weeks. I made it to be huge and with lots of things. In this map, there's castle in the center that we can get inside which has a second floor as well, also there's a forest having a village in it, there's a flat place after the forest. In the back, there's mountains, a lot of caves, a whole way that leads to a volcano where the Annie arena is (she will spawn after 280 sec) and there's a place with ice mountains that is harder to find. Do not jump in the holes you will find because you may be stuck down there. If you find any bugs or if there's things you would like that i add to this world, please let me know in the comments below or you can always contact me by Skype as Nycola20.

The Annie Arena
The City (with castle)
One of many Caves
The Flat place
The Forest
Volcano (a part of it)
The Ice Region
The Village

This map is outdated. Sorry.

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 Post subject: Google Images
Posted: May 6th, 2015, 6:01 pm 



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 Post subject: Real Scale City
Posted: May 9th, 2015, 7:00 pm 

Samon's Real Scale City

So here's the story.
I started making this map as a test, and for fun. I was interested in how it would be like to play on a map that was actually scaled correctly with your character, where a door to a building isn't six times larger than Levi.

But as I made most of the inner city, I realized it's actually kinda fun to play, so I finished it completely and ended up with a high quality up to scale city. I didn't have the intention of uploading it, until a friend told me to do it recently, so here we are.

The code was too big to paste in a spoiler, so here's a link to the text file on pastebin:


Now let's talk a little about how to play this map shall we?

Titan Scale (VERY IMPORTANT!!!)

First off, since the map is up to scale with the humans, so should the titans be, otherwise you would have massively oversized titans trampling all over your hopes and dreams.

So when you start off the game you should use the size command; /mode size 0.2 1
That is the correct scale in the anime

Trust me, I did the math, it was a little funny to me too, because as it turns out the smallest possible titans in the normal map are the largest ones in real scale.

So anyway, once you set the titans to the right size you can go off playing it in several modes.

1. Survival

I intended the map to be played in survival mode, simply because it is impossible to find the little titans if they don't come to you. So just set it to 5 random starting titans, and make it so they come in waves.

The point of survival, is to defend the city from incoming titans.
The way I imagined it lore-wise is that it is a small town inside Wall Maria, right after the fall. Unfortunately for the town, it didn't get the warning on time and now the local garrison has to protect the townsfolk from incoming titans.

2. PvP

The map was finished before the new game mode where the humans fight AHSS got out, but as it turned out it fits the map perfectly. I tested playing the map both with the bomb pvp mode and the AHSS pvp mode and it works just fine.

In fact, it works better then fine, because as we all know the AHSS pvp is impossible to do mid air, and focuses on ground combat, and that is something this map excels at. You will end up fighting each other in high quality streets with lots of detail, trying to hide and seeking your enemies instead of just flying around the cave waiting for the annoying AHSS player to run out of ammo.
Trust me, PvP is one of the strong sides of this map.

3. Role-play and Easter egg hunt

Last but not least, role-play. The map was made to be realistic, and I took my sweet time with the details, so if you are in this sort of thing you should find it very fun to play.

Also, I set hid a bunch of details around the map to see if you can find them. Whoever manages to find all of my easter eggs will be awarded an honorary potato.

List of Samon's neat little hiding places:
The Graveyard

House under an arc

A broken arc

Note: There are more wells, then just one


Double gazebo

Above ground gazebo
Somebody had to hire the slightly more special architect.

The Monumental cannon

The Monument to the fallen

The Arboretum

The Fountain

The Classical Street
For the nostalgic players

The spawn castle
I'd like to see you find this one

Also, features a handy little titan lunch box!


I just wanted to take another minute of your time, to note a few main gameplay differences from the normal map.

1. 3DMG usage
Trust me when I say this, using 3DMG on this map is much MUCH harder then on the normal one. This map is a 3DMG challenge for all AOTTG players.

If you are into challenging yourself, and you believe yourself to be good at 3DMG then this map is for you. If you can maneuver the city and look cool while doing it, I take my hat off to you.

2. Titan Fighting (DUH)
Not sure how to describe this, but fighting titans a lot different.

It's much harder not to land on the ground, since you will be so close to it, and its much easier to look cool.
I, myself, am unsure whether its a gameplay improvement or a flaw, but you will find yourself looking cool as hell when you use special abilities.
I did a lot of playtesting, and I found that titan fighting is actually quite harder and more challenging then usual. For those players who are, like me, bored fighting easy titans, might have a good time fighting on this map.
I think one of the main reasons why these titans are harder to kill is because you can't really use the ordinary reel tactics but instead have to rely on aiming, which is harder because they are smaller targets.

Lastly, I just want to say, have fun and tell me what you think!

ALSO , the map has a very high object count , so expect a huge massive lag spike at the beginning of each round. It should pass after a few seconds however, if you aren't playing on a wooden calculator.

Update #1
I moved the spawn point so its no longer at the highest tower in the city where it used to be. Now you spawn near the edges of the city, depending on which team you are.
The gas refill station, however, is still located in the middle of the city, near the highest tower.

Update #2
I couldn't make a video, because I myself am playing on a potato PC, and whenever I tried it turned out laggy and really low res. Instead, I uploaded some more screenshots for you to enjoy.

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 Post subject: Smexy Silk Nightgown
Posted: May 26th, 2015, 9:27 pm 

I never really make stuff like this, but oh well.
Do you wanna look smexy for your lover on your honeymoon? Or are just hot and want something light and super silky?
If so, then you'll love this sexy nightgown I made.


Enjoy, you kinky bastards ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Posted: May 31st, 2015, 3:15 am 

Hello everyone I have a special announcement.
This summer I'll be doing a "Swimsuit Shop"
That basically means I'll be doing many requests and swimsuit designs.
If you want me to make you a swimsuit, just leave me a message in my inbox.
Give me a brief description of what kind of swimsuit, design, color, brief description, or picture and decide whether you want it posted publicly or privately.
I'll take requests for ANYTHING; one pieces, tankinis, string bikinis, something sexy, swim trunks, speedos, cover ups, dresses, thongs, whatever.
For my first swimsuit, I made a basic color variety of bikinis ( with some booty shots ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
Please enjoy!


Booty Shots (nsfw):

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Posted: June 8th, 2015, 8:50 am 

Please click the thank button~
I-It's not like I posted t-this j-just to show off or anything! Baka bakaaa! >< Oh welp, the skin might be public soon, so ye.
Its public now.

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 Post subject: [Isla] Plastic Memories
Posted: June 14th, 2015, 1:36 pm 

This skin was requested by LoliTamer
soo... I don't have much to say about this set since I haven't watched this series BUT I'm already downloading it huehue xD
Hair (Miku's/Twin tail Hairstyle):
Costume No Jackets (mikasa's or annie's):
If you like it, please smash the button to encourage me to do more skins :D

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Posted: September 16th, 2016, 9:29 pm 

Not far from the 3 walls known, there is a city. The survivors built in last resort their city in
the largest and oldest tree of the forgotten world. Unfortunately, the inhabitants of the Tree have suffered the same fate as the Walls' survivors.

They always built higher on the tree .

But one day ... The cries came from the superior capital at the top of the tree . We saw people falling, the Titans were appeared in the highest district. Humanty was caught in the crossfire. The people of the tree all dis app eared .

There are some secret ways and places, to be safe, for a small respite.

Oh, a portal X)

Curiously, the level of titans depends on the floor where they are.
At the last floor we can enter only between the three towers

Humanity was caught in the crossfire.

Link :
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