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 Post subject: Kawaii Titan
Posted: May 17th, 2015, 8:23 am 

So I randomly decided, "Okay, I'm bored and want to make something easy and quick. Why not make a Kawaii Titan skin, since it seems no one's done it before?" And it literally took me 20 minutes to do. And since I bet I won't be using it at all, I'll just toss it on here and let people do what they want with it.

I might post one of my skins I actually put a lot of work into (if any of you have seen a Worton Von TitanBottom running around...) on here eventually. But for now this is all I'm tossing out :P

But onto the skin.



Hair (Male_3 [I think])

I think the only worthwhile thing about this skin is the eyes, the rest of it was nothing but recoloring :roll: although if anyone would like me to recolor the rest of the Titan Hair pink as well for this skin, just let me know.

Ingame Screenshot


So I noticed that the facial lines of the titan body conflict with the Kawaii eye blushes, so I went ahead and corrected the Titan Body a little. Never liked the facial lines anyway, I remove or modify them on most of my skins.

Body (w/no facial lines)

Ingame Screenshot

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 Post subject: Armless Eren
Posted: May 23rd, 2015, 7:00 am 

Quick little skin I figured I'd post to the forums.

Based off of the moment in the anime/manga when Eren's arms are ripped off whilst he attacks the titan that devoured Thomas Wagner earlier in the Battle of Trost. Badass scene in my opinion.

Basically, I removed the hands and forearms, added small scratch marks on the torso, and gave the body a slightly duller coloration than normal, as seen in the anime.

Running around with this skin is hilarious, though, especially when Eren beheads a titan with his nubs of death .


Ingame Screenshots

Sometime I might add the large gouge in Eren's gut that we see in the anime, but for now this is all. Plus it'd take forever and I'm working on several other skins at the moment.
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