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Posted: March 24th, 2018, 11:30 am 

Hello there. I was looking for an "HD" AHSS-3DMG anime/manga accurate. Yeah, a bit hard. I couldnt find any with all this... Tags i think is called? So i made---
I mean i edited together a lot of other skins to make one. Like +90% was made by other people, im no artist, but i know how to use Paint. :D

Sadly thats almost all i know, so every texture is a slighty edited or complete copy paste of the original, but to fit the AHSS-3DMG.












V1.0: Old

V2.4 No transparency in any key part

V2.5 Transparency in one key part


V1.0 Equivalent of V2.4

V1.1 Equivalent of V2.5


V1.0: Old

V2.4: No transparency in the Gun

V2.5: Transparency in the Gun

V2.6: Transparency in the Gun+No belt

Edit: When season 3 ends (or when the Anti Personnel 3DMG its shown in its full anime glory) i will update the gun, and probably the Skin/handles too, so if your link goes down just come back to this post for the update, probably in like 4-7 months. xD

Read the replies to see " The Bell Fox " take on the AHSS-3DMG, thanks a lot for making it.

And here are the gods that gave me the tools to make this possible:

Thanks to " KillZone " for the gray AHSS handles of the skin and the 896x896 pixel resolution for the Gun to work.
Original Post:

Thanks to " sarahjeagerkr " for the belt that holds the 3DMG.
Original Post:

And thanks to " TheBellFox " for the "HD Restyled - Omni-Directional Maneuver Gear" that is more or less 80% of this texture; and another thanks for the AHSS-3DMG she made that is in the replies of this Post, without it V2.5 of the Gun and the Skin couldnt have been made.
Original Post:
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