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Posted: April 9th, 2016, 11:55 pm 

So this is a map made to simulate the final segment of the Survey Corps ride to Shiganshina. It's not the same as in the manga/anime, but I'm hoping it will nonetheless be fun for everyone to play and RP in.
It takes you through a forested mountain range, and ends at the gate to Shiganshina. There are three paths, the main path will take you through a recreation of Feng's forest, where I expect most of the titan fighting to take place.
The start of the round puts you being chased by the Female Titan (non-canon), and the round ends when someone enters the Shiganshina gate

Right now I'm working on finishing up the mountains, after which I'll finalize the roads, dirt paths, and trees. Then I'll put in several villages and the main city of Shiganshina, and lastly I'll work on custom scripting to make RPing more interesting.

Up to date screenshots (note that the sign says 9 and 5, but the distances taking the paths are now actually 20 and 5 kilometers)

Three Lakes of the East Path (Possibly Outdated)

Concept map for the different paths (pink, white, yellow) (blue are barriers)

I'm hoping that this map will at least tide everyone over until the release of the 57th Expedition Beyond The Walls map Ryham is making, hopefully it will rival Ryham's in awesomeness.
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