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Posted: October 7th, 2014, 7:59 pm 

Good evening my creative friends!
I wanna show you how to create a skin
in the new RC mod version.

1. First we have to think about which model we
want for each part. We need to choose a hair model and
a costume as well. (Of course a cape if you want one)
We dont need eyes because theyre just textures
on the face.

2. So now we know which modells we need and which not.
Next step is to create our "Build".
We can choose one of the sets as shown.

3. When you found your hairstyle and costume you
go and write down the hair number and the costume number.
(Normal people can keep it in mind as well)

4. The next step is to download the skins folder from
the RC Mod homepage!

5. Well done! Now you have the skins and the hair/costume numbers!
Now we will sort out what we need, this is pretty easy :3

Okay, for example... I took hair 10 and costume 1
What will i do now?
In the folders you will find the textures numbered.
In the hair folder for example something like...
Female_Hair_01, Female_Hair_02...
I chose hair 9 so i delete everything except of my Female_Hair_09!

Same for costume.
I took costume 1 so i delete every texture except of costume 1.

6. Now you should have your Costume and your Hair texture.
Next step is to take every texture you need else.
Skin, gas, 3D gear... etc.
Then you put it together and you will have everything you need.

7. Now you can start editing!

8. At the end you do the same as always.
You upload your textures ( or something similar)
take the direct link and insert the links to the correct places.

When you want to play now don't forget to choose the correct set!

Congrats! You succesfully created your skin :3

If not just message me, i love to help! (I don't bite :3 )

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 Post subject: Like a boss - Costume
Posted: July 22nd, 2016, 2:47 am 

Greetings Everyone!!! I made another costume, I put some time in this, and some effort, I'm sorry it's not much, This is all I can do, cause yeah, I'm still REALLY unsure of what I make... >_>

Anyway, Here's a simple screenshot:

Here's it's link.


Do et, like a boss
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