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Posted: September 16th, 2014, 10:42 am 

Sakura Forest by NarikoChwan
~The Forest of Cherrys and retarded Titans~

How to install
This Forest texture is a little bit complicated to use,
but i will get you trough this, just read it please.

This Forest is build after an sheme. For leaves and trunks
there are 8 slots. I have 3 different textures for leaves
and trunks. It works after this sheme:

Red leaves/trunks Slot 1
Red leaves/trunks Slot 2
Cherry leaves/trunks Slot 3
Cherry leaves/trunks Slot 4
Cherry leaves/trunks Slot 5
Pink leaves/trunks Slot 6
Pink leaves/trunks Slot 7
Pink leaves/trunks Slot 8

Don't forget to disable Randomized Pairs!!!

So you add the links from the red leaves and trunks to the red places,
the cherry leaves and trunks to the cherry places and the pink
leaves and trunks to the pink places. I hope that's explained well enough.
And again, disable rendomized pairs please. Red leaves shall have red trunks
and so on...

Terms of Use
- Please give credits! I worked hard on it, please be fair ^-^
- If you want to repost this pm me before! :3
- Please be fair and don't copy the name, think about your own!

- Removed cherrys from cherry trunk


- Fixed the red trunks texture
- Made the ground darker and smoother
(The old is at the alternate textures)
- Added a dark red trunk as alternate texture


- New smooth ground texture
(Removed the old ugly one)
- Replaced the ugly pink trees with a darker pink/red
So if you're using my cherry forest, please download the new textures for
- Pink leaves, Pink Trunks, Ground

Update 4
- New textures for leaves
- More dirty Ground
- Cherry Titans
Release around 15.10.2014

Please, please please press the thanks button at the bottom right if you like my textures. It's a little click compared to my hours of work ^-^

If you have problems by using my textures just message me please! I don't bite :3
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