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Posted: October 24th, 2015, 11:23 pm 

Ello there! Welcome to my first post..! You aren`t as excited as me I bet...but no matter! x3 This is my moon gas I made a couple months back. I wanted to start making skins for awhile now, however..I`ve always been nervous about it. This was my first (but not last) it won`t be the best. That won`t stop me from posting it though! We all start somewhere! I did a few versions of this before I was actually comfortable with it. I felt like the stars helped the look personally. But enough description for now! Here it is, people viewing this!


Screenshot below, but hopes above..!

Update: 10/24/16 (MM/DD/YY)
One year later and I return to this post. Not to comment or reply to anything specific. But to add on to it. I`ve learned a lot since I first posted this. I still have room for improvement but I don`t think that`ll ever change. To celebrate me being on aotskins for a year along with this post being up for a year I have remade it...kind of. Anyway I won`t ramble on. Let`s get the skin up!

Old preview for nostalgia reasons.

GIF of it in action.
New Gas skin. (Imgur)

A n d l a s t l y , t h a n k y o u a l l . Y o u g u y s s t i l l u s e t h i s a f t e r a y e a r a n d w i l l p r o b a b l y c o n t i n u e t o u s e i t f o r a s l o n g a s t h e g a m e l a s t s . ( O r u n t i l y o u g e t b o r e d o r f i n d a n e w g a s s k i n . ) B u t r e g a r d l e s s ! T h a n k y o u s o m u c h .

Ps: I wasn`t kidding when I said you guys use this a lot.
That`s how many times it`s been loaded on this site, and in game. Thank you again!
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