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Posted: September 10th, 2016, 6:08 pm
Hayooo~ I'm back :lol: we lost our net and i too busy with school so i didn't had the chance to make a new blade :cry: anyhow this is the first bladeset i've made. Hope you like it :D

I Present to you~ (with color varieties of course )

Dragon Scales
Dragon Scales Link:

Pristine Edge
Pristine Edge Link:

And Lastly, my version of Lightning's Blade from FFXIII
Lightning's Blade ( Yuzuha Made ) :
Note:This is by far the best i've ever made :lol: . I didn't make color variations of it because it looks great the way it is. Looks better when you look at it more closely ingame with good lighting

Picture i used as a basis

Again~ No editing without my permission Thank youuu~ Enjoy

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Posted: November 2nd, 2016, 6:23 am 

This is for the skin makers that are using Photoshop and SAI (We are going to use both Software in this Tutorial)

Links that you'll going to need:
PSD UV maps flipped:
Skin Color swatches:

We'll going to make it look like this as much as possible (this is my mumei skin check it out here )
but without the handles and gloves.
First Set (Photoshop)

Step1: Make your work easier
1.)Open the downloaded PSD UV Maps.
2.)Add a new layer and name it "Background".
3.)Fill the "Background" layer with the color of your choice I chose black. This will make the UV map more visible.
4.)Go to "Paths" add a new path layer like the one indicated below.
5.)Now using the Pen tool trace the edge of the UV map.
6.)Click "Path 1" and hide the "Background layer".

Step2: Color your Skin and Hair
1.)Install the downloaded Skin tone swatches then pick the skin tone of your choice in the Swatches tab.
2.)Add a new layer and name it "Skintone".
3.)Now go to "Paths" right click the Path of your UV map or "Path 1". Right click on the Path layer, press "Make Selection" and press OK.
4.)Then go to "Layers" select your "Skintone" layer. Press "G" or Fill and fill the Head, neck, ears,
and hands with the skin tone that you choose.
5.)Now for the hair. Again go to "Paths" and add a new Path layer and trace your hair with a Pen Tool.
(PS. you can hide the "Skintone" layer and unhide the Skin template so that you can trace the hair properly)
6.)Again right click the path layer or "Path 2", Press "Make Selection" and press OK.
7.)Go to "Layers" and a New Layer, make it above the "Skintone" layer and name it what ever you want.
8.)Press G or Fill and fill the hair with the color of your choice.

Step 3: Put your Shades/Shadows
1.)Add a new a Layer and name it "Shade 1". Make sure it's above the "Skintone" layer and below the "Hair" layer.
2.)Just repeat Step 2.3 .
3.)Pick a shade in the Swatches tab and add a Shade with a darker color. (this shade is just for the head)
4.)Add a new Layer and name it "Shade 2".
5.)Now add another shade a bit darker than the "Skintone" but a bit lighter than the "Shade 1". (If that makes any sense).
Neck and Hands
6.)Finally let's save it as a PSD file cause we're going to switch to SAI.

Second Set (SAI)

First Open your SAI.exe and lets open the PSD file because we're going to do some lineworks and blending here.(Don't mind the name :D )

Step1: Blend "Shade 1"
1.)Press B or Blur tool and if you have different brush preset then copy the brush preset below.
2.)Select "Shade 1" layer and start blending it using Blur tool. (you can change the size of the brush depends on your taste of blending)

Step2: Make lineworks
1.)Show the "Default skin template" layer and hide all the other layers.
2.)Add a new Linework layer above all the other layers and start tracing lines.
Cool tips: You can use the pressure pen by pressing "P" for a smooth pointed ends.
Overview of the Linework.

Step3: Blend Shade 2
1.)Let's now hide the "Default Skin Template" layer and unhide/show all the other layers except the.
UV map layer and the "Background" layer.
2.)Select the "Skintone" layer. Press M or Magic wand tool and this time select the head, ears, neck and hands.
3.)Press L or "Selections" tool.
4.)Select "Shade 2" layer and start blending.
You can make the brush bigger or smaller depends on the part that you are shading.

Step4: Save it
1.) After you've done all of that save it as PSD file.
2.)Open your Photoshop again for the last time and open the Saved PSD file from SAI. Press "Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S" and save it as .png

This is the final product. Actually add some touches here.

And there you have it I hope you all understand my tutorial and if this tutorial helps. Please press that Thank button below

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 Post subject: Tina Sprout Eyes
Posted: December 10th, 2016, 1:07 pm 

Hello guys!

Its me again Acesword. This time I made eyes based on Tina Sprout, one of the lolis in Black Bullet.

Here is the screenshot

and for the image link~

I hope you like my skins and please have a good day!~

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 Post subject: Ezeldee Blade
Posted: April 15th, 2017, 8:20 am 

My First Public Blade :D
It doesnt have any other colors

The blades name is Ezeldee


Link :

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 Post subject: Pizza Gas
Posted: April 25th, 2017, 9:39 am 

P i z z a G a s :P :mrgreen:

H e r e s t h e l i n k :


H o p e u l i ke i t !

- O pp a i~
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