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Posted: October 16th, 2015, 4:16 pm 

As the title would suggest, I've been working on an Outside The Walls map, based on the 57th Expedition, it currently isn't ready for me to release, however I will try to keep this thread updated as the map comes along.

Update 09SEP2017
I apologise to anyone who may have come onto this post in the past two years to find nothing, or commented requesting the script, I took a lengthy hiatus from the game to focus on more pressing things. Note that I am not and have no intention to continue working on this map, deeming it as having accomplished most if not all goals I set out to achieve when construction began. Now, well overdue, the map script:

Features (16/10/2015)
Humans spawn inside Karanese District.
Multiple abandoned villages scattered around.
Unfinished forest.
Large plains.
One randomly placed very unfinished castle that may or may not be modeled off of Utgard.

If you wish to check out the map for yourself, I often host a server under the name 'SC - Outside The Walls' whilst I'm editing it, so don't be afraid to hop on.
Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Posted: August 26th, 2016, 8:22 am 

for current map use custom mode in the custom map page / for wave mode map not work properly

Im start now to create new Outside the walls map - 57th expedition theme from the anime series. Im create now 10000x10000 space ratio map, city and town near the wall, trees, the mountains, etc.
Im planning to build all Survey squad way and catch the Annie on the end in giant forest.

Im planning add some rules:
1. Many players on the start - about 30 or more
2. Few or not any refil stations on the way
3. No respawn - if u die - u dead man - like anime series
4. And finally some lucky survive groups, after many traps - must to get to the end of the journey!

If u like this idea or is it worth - PLS do comments!

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