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Posted: October 11th, 2015, 4:10 pm 

This is my first map I shall be posting
This map takes place in a village in the far north during a harsh and brutal winter, dragons and cultists roam the land at war with each other.
The Dragons living out there lives at usual hunting and making homes for themselves, and the Icicle Legion Cultists spreading their anti-dragon views throughout the nearby lands.

This is a town that has been consumed by the Icicle Legions preaches, may the Dragons have mercy on them.

The home of a lonely dragon trying to live out his life, with iron to eat to strengthen his scales and gold to burn to keep him warm at night.

Frozen Dragons Tail
This Dragons tail symbolizes the power winter has over the Dragons and the cultists have been using this to recruit even more people to their cause.

Script (RP Version)

Script (PVE (player vs environment aka titans) Version)

I hope my map is good enough for all of you to see, give me your honest opinions and feel free to shower it with hate all you want.

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Posted: December 24th, 2015, 1:33 am 

This map takes place in my own version of feudal Europe during the Middle Ages when knights were common, the church was corrupt and power hungry, and the plague was about to strike and wipe what happened on this map off the history books... somehow... cause the plague.

Now first off onto the script versions of my map
RP Version
Original Version (PVE)
No Secrets PVE Version

And what post wouldn't be complete without some preview pictures of the map
My castle where my power lies deep underneath in the bowels of the catacombs where the great and all powerful Crystals of Power lie ready to consume those who can't control there magnificent power
The Church that was built within my great town to help try and control the residents of my land so they may... try and control me... but they don't know the forces they're dealing with, Crystals of Power... HATE ... being controlled and tamed :twisted:
The graveyard that within dwells the Crystal of Power that has become quite loving of this town, as long as they keep feeding it their corpses and elderly
A mountain moved from it's original location to burry a long forgotten civilization that came under the control of a Crystal of Power they thought they could control, oh why do humans think they can control was nature has brought before them, if they want true power they must give them everything, their sanity, bodies, souls, EVERYTHING!!!!!
A forest created by a gentle and calm Crystal of Power that only wishes to grow trees, flowers, and grass to spread it's influence and power throughout all the lands on this planet
This canyon houses the natural predators of all Crystals of Power, the Crystal Shades, their hunger knows no bounds, they are faster than any horse, can regenerate most wounds, and clone themselves so quickly 1 can turn into 100 in minutes, they are not to be trifled with, and nothing can truly stop their endless hunger

Now onto what's truly important... the Crystals of Power
The Crystal of Fire
Born in the fires of Pompeii during it's eruption, it has protected the Earth from solar storms and any fire that dares to destroy this precious planet
The Crystal of Water
Born in the sinking of Atlantis this crystal has calmed the seas and controlled how the water flows for a millennia and will not hesitate to make them rage once again
The Crystal of Earth
Born when the Earth was split in half and stopped the planet from being destroyed and has been shown to move mountains and split continents apart
The Crystal of Air
Born as the first tornado raged upon Jupiter and flew here when it felt it had more potential in power on our puny little planet we call home

Now onto the Crystals made by mixing them together
Crystal of Animallinity
Makes one a true beast transforming their body into the animal they truly see as themselves
Crystal of Wisdom
Gives the user such incredible intelligence they can see into the near future
Crystal of Strength
Super charges ones muscle to the point of beyond anything seen before
Crystal of Purity
Gives one a silver tongue that can change how a person thinks and what they truly believe to be right, the church has been wanting this one for decades
Crystal of Silence
Wind bends around the user and no wave or vibration would dare bounce off of the one who bares this crystal to where they can't make a sound
Crystal of Will
Turns ones mind into a titanium shell unable to be broken or altered and if one can reach deep enough, able to alter the things around them
Crystal of Speed
Allows oneself to break the limits of ones legs and with every kick carry the force of volcanic eruptions behind them
Crystal of Focus
Gives ones eyes such power that they can see miles and see things in different perspectives (night vision, heat, etc)
Crystal of Defense
Turns ones skin into that of titanium but still just as flexible and makes them able to withstand things that tanks would be obliterated by
Crystal of Life
A crystal that gives birth to forests, grasslands, and lush fertile fields and has never been known to be controllable like most other mixed crystals
Crystal of Death
Loves life underground and feeds on death and decay and just like the Crystal of Life can't be controlled but doesn't mean it won't listen to what you request of it
Crystal of Corruption and Decay
A true Crystal of Power, whoever uses it will be able to destroy whole forests in a day and make anything they touch toxic and unable to have anything live their ever again
Crystal of Slavery
Tears at peoples minds of whoever it is focused at and wants only to turn all life into it's puppets to become the strongest Crystal of Power

But remember this, all Crystals of Power want only 1 thing
To control everything
To grow more powerful
To take away all that you want
To destroy all that gets in their way
To become the strongest
And if you want to control one of them
Good luck, most people die trying

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Posted: January 31st, 2016, 6:02 pm 

This map takes place in a country ravaged by internal war by 6 factions that fight for power. From their nonstop killing they spawned creatures from the lakes and rivers of blood they have created, and now they infest their capital. Every night they rise to kill again and all the factions must stop their fighting to fend off the abominable and ravenous creatures. Cause of this many people from around the world travel to this city to earn some fame by killing beasts, but little do they know is that barely anyone is ready for this hunt. Most die during their first hunt and even more the next, only a rare few may ever call themselves a hunter. And once you become a hunter, your fate is intertwined with the hunt and you may never leave until your death.

Now onto the screenshots

The Capital Area
The great center of business and commerce in the city and the most protected and home to the 2 factions the government approves of.

The Flood Zone
The area around the capital area and when the city was a castle was a massive moat always filled with blood and guts from the many that have died, this country was created through blood and it shall die from what that blood has spawned.

The Musketeers HQ
The faction spawned from the military to fight off the beasts, they give their hunters the greatest weaponry they can find and create and all wear uniforms to show that they are apart of that faction, they are the most loyal to the government out of all the other factions.

The Divine Knights HQ
This is the faction spawned from the church to fight the "unholy" beasts that they thought was spawned from the devil. They can't believe that it's cause of their greed, their blood-lust, their anger, their fear, their envy, their blood that has caused the spawning of the beasts, they will never defeat the beasts unless they realize this.

The Commoners HQ
This is the faction from which every person who failed to become apart of the other factions go, they are simple weak humans who are not fit to be hunters that now form mobs of 10s or 100s of humans to fight the beasts, unlike the other factions that fight 1v1 with the beasts, they are hateful of every other faction and are just as hated from their members raiding and thieving houses to help fund their hunts.

The Executioners HQ
This faction was formed from ex-prisoners, current prisoners, prison guards, and other prison workers. This faction has reforged those prisoners into honorable true citizens that now fight for the people but are run by a tyrannical totalitarian who went insane and was before the head general of the country and cause of that many factions hate them, also cause they're filled with prisoners.

The Engineers HQ
Formed from architects, blacksmiths, craftsmen, and many others who work on intricate and complex works, they use very mechanical weaponry that can transform from one stage to another like crossbows that can turn into spears, axes with saws, etc. They are more of a non hated faction cause they don't have any major faults like the rest.

The Half Breeds HQ
These... huma- beas- ugh, humans have done something that even I can't comprehend how. They have taken pieces of beasts and have surgically altered themselves to become half beast, they are in non-stop pain all the time and have increased speed, strength, and sight cause of it. Some don't even look human and are confused as beasts all the time, definitely the most hated cause they don't understand they are the closet to solving the problem then any other faction.

And here are the scripts
RP Version

PVE Version

Good luck to you fellow hunters, may you become one with the hunt and die with the hunt.

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Posted: February 26th, 2016, 12:07 am 

This map doesn't have a deep story behind it unlike my last 3 maps, and I am sorry for that, but I hope the detail in this map makes up for it which I doubt. :(
This map takes place in a meteor impact crater that I teraformed from a rocky desert wasteland into a lush place to relax in surrounded by nature.

Now onto pictures
This is the outside of the house that is within this now lush crater, you will only get to see the outside and not the detailed beautiful inside.
This is an artificial hot-spring so you may have your great moments with people in it. ;)
Since it's hard to bring stuff down into a crater you need a farm to grow your own food and have it all natural and fresh for consumption.

And finally here is the script of my map With Secret Room Without
Here are the PVE Versions for fighting titans With Secret Room Without
Here are the RP Versions for doing whatever your heart desires

Once again I'm sorry for not having a story behind this map :cry:

Fixed the screenshot links. - Ice

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Posted: March 19th, 2016, 6:58 pm 

There was peace within the Void , everything was stable and all life was calm, until one day a rift between worlds sent a Void Tree into our world. It planted itself in the soil of a forest near a small town where humans found it and it's magnificent purple bark and they noticed that it bent and twisted as they walked around it. Soon the boss of a nearby lumber company decided to cut it down and take it's seeds to plant more. Then the now split in half Void Tree began to cry and scream out for help from. Now that greedy rich man will finally learn... the Void doesn't like being messed with. May the Void have mercy on their souls .

Now let's show you some previews of this Void forsaken town that will feel the wrath of what they have angered.
The Weeping Forest
Here is where it all began, where they cut down the Void Tree , and now the forest cries as the trees leak water to show their sadness, nature itself is weeping for the Void Tree now on the verge of death. Nature will now avenge the loss of this conscious sentient being that humanity has mortally wounded.

Here is where the trunk of the Void Tree lies now, spreading and consuming the Lumbermill to grow and one day be reunited with it's base so it may become whole once again, the base holds all of it's sadness, but the trunk now holds all of it's rage towards humanity .

Church of the Void
3 months into the Void leaking into the town and ravaging it's inhabitants some humans have realized the mistake they have made and began praying for mercy. They have abandoned their humanity to try and become one with the Void themselves. But the Void would never let us greedy humans become apart of it, not until the ones who have started this mess are killed and mutilated with their corpses spread across the land.

And here is the scripts for this pitiful soon to be destroyed town.
This is for titan killing with endless respawning titans, use custom settings and Titan Spawn Cap of 3-5 in the Custom Tab part of the pause menu so you don't get overwhelmed by titans.
This one is for when you want waves on while using my map.
This one is for when you want to do some roleplaying on this map, feel free to edit it if you want to remove all the Void stuff and just want to do some modern RP on it or keep every object and maybe try and learn the truth within this town.

Have fun on my map...
And may the Void have mercy upon you.

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Posted: October 20th, 2018, 12:27 am 

Before going on to the map, I would like to say this first. I am absolutely distraught at my lack of motivation and my sluggish behavior on posting this map. I meant to post it a year and a half ago, so I feel I have failed myself and to anyone who enjoys looking or using the maps I create. This lack-of action is not something I can forgive myself for. Now onward to the map itself.

Lore about the map.
Long ago, many generations ago, to many for any to remember, a great war occured, with unlikely allies (and way to many commas). The holy order was used to fighting off stray demons that leaked out of Hell and into the mortal plane, but this time a huge hole was torn open by the Sins, themselves. They stormed forth and carved a scar through the mortal plane. It was quite unexpected, for both humans and the Sins. They expected to meet a plane as hostile as their own, at least that is what every demon that was exercised back to Hell told them. When they finally got a body to break through, they were almost immediately met with swords, spells, and sealing scrolls. Every minor demon was enthralled and excited for the carnage, as they lacked the same mental capacity as the Sins did, as their jobs were to actually manage these hordes. After literally splitting a continent in half with their carnage, and the horde dying down, the Sins had time to talk before the next charge, while also surprised the land ended and there were huge swaths of liquid land. They had expected to keep going in a straight line and eventually cover the entire world, so the obstacle surprisingly calmed down the horde.
The Sins kept talking to one another about this strange world. Every human had the intelligence to speak and think, at least the grown ones, at the same level of any greater demon. In Hell fights between greater demons were honorable and only occasional caused the death of another, while lesser demons killed each other on-mass. They actually preferred this plane over Hell. It is basically a less populated Hell, with a lot less red . . . and rock . . . and barely anything glows . . . also it gets REALLY dark half of the time. Night time actually scares demons because Hell is always in a state of half-day-half-night in terms of brightness, so the contract is really jarring for them. Lesser demons in the horde would stop at night and huddle around the Sins out of sheer fear, some would even hide inside of Gluttony's stomach (out of a horde of millions, so a lot are in his stomach at night).
They came to the conclusion, almost before they even started talking, that if they wanted to stay, they had to get all of the lesser demons out immediately. They also had the issue of blending in, since there were many generations of hatred that humans have brewd towards demons. Blending in was going to be easy, as Lust could bless them with illusionary curses so their original forms (covered later in the post) could be binded to human body, which they must acquire. Getting the demons out is the hard part. Allying with the humans was the only chance, as the lesser demons only had so much loyalty, and leaving a ripe plane to battle on was not something they would agree to.
Negotiations was going to be very difficult, but luckily the bodies they *cough* acquired *cough cough* also acted as inhibitors for their base urges. Gluttony did not need to chew on masses of lesser demons every second. Lust *cough*. Wrath did not need to fight every minute. Greed did not need to take whatever he could grab. Sloth could move. Envy could be happy for others accomplishments. Pride could be insulted without killing the person who did so. It was the most refreshing feeling they could ever feel. They could not go back to their primal forms, now.
It took a lot of typical anime events of messing around, hoping telling their horde to stay put while they "scout out" for where to charge next, and getting in contact with the more closely guarded officials in nations and holy orders to put together a force strong enough to fight back their horde. Once they proved who they were, most were confident in the idea that they could beat this seemingly unstoppable horde, but most of those confident also needed a little mental influence from Lust and Pride, who were more skilled in influence magic.
With the help of the Sins, and after all of the knights learning of who they are, they fought back the horde, who were scared the Sins did not come back to them. Their disorganisation allowed them to overpower them and over the course of a week lead them back to the portal.
Without anything to fight, the Sins were in quite the awkward situation. They simply separated to find their own places in this brand new world. Took a few generations, but they stuck to their niches. Gluttony opened a travelling restaurant, which took a bit of monatary investment to get materials he could literally push from town to town. Greed opened a profitable trading organization, based at Wrath's garrison, which he is stationed at as a general of the Gorious Legion. Lust opened a brothel, to no one's surprise, which also doubled as a counseling and addiction-curing facility, do to her alluring and opening-up-to qualities. Pride became a politician overseeing Wrath. Sloth became a fisherman, specifically a whaler. He never really tried for a higher position, and was very contempt at simple physical labour. Envy was Sloth's captain, she had to be the one to make sure Sloth didn't fall in the ocean and wouldn't leave the fish he loved so much.
Like all memories, they fade with the generations, and the deeds of the Sins faded away, leaving behind the anger that was so intense before their arrival. They had been in their human bodies for so long, and switched from new ones to new ones so often everyone thought the Sins were gone. There are now factions who know the Sins are still alive and around, and are actively hunting them, wishing to purge the mortal plane of the rest of the demon ilk. What will happen is all yet to be written, good luck to both sides.

Original forms of the Sins.
A 10 foot tall crystaline humanoid with mirror-like properties and a diamond-like appearance. She can mimic the powers of others during battle, which can also effect her size and bodily shape. In one-on-one battles she is most effective, but is terrible at handling numbers, because she can only copy one at a time, like many of the other Sins. She excells at using the abilities of others more effective than them to win fights.
A giant mongolian death worm the size of a skyscraper, with a bottomless stomach, which he definitely does not use the contents of in his cooking for free food. He has no magical capabilities, and uses sheer brute force to fight. His color pallette is black with purple and pink spikes.
A 25 foot tall golden frog with 8 eyes, black crack marks all over his body. He specializes in terramorphic magic (change the environment), and teleportation magic.
A 15 foot tall cobra woman, with 3 tails, a humanoid reptillian body, and vibrant feathers that go along the spines of her tails and back. Her feather's colors are that of the rainbow, and her body is mostly light green, with spots of yellow, red, and pink. She specilizes in illusionary, mental manipulation, and supportive magic.
A malnourished-looking 25 foot tall cyclops, with a specialty for manipulative and healing magic. His legs end in pointed spikes, with his fingers having the same pointed tips. He acts as the commander of any army he is in, and does what he has to personally to keep that army doing what he commands it to do.
A car-sized molten slime capable of 2 modes, defensive and counteractive. His colors change from black to orange as he changes between them. In defensive damage is drastically reduced, and in counteractive parts of his bodies can move at extreme speeds. The slower he changes between the forms the harder the hit or the more effective the defense.
A 20 foot tall armored gorilla. Triangular chitonous plating around his entire body except his face, fingers, and toes. A dark red and glowing orange color pallette, with a circular serrated-teeth-coated mouth, like some interpretations of how the chupacobra is imagined, or Shalltear's vampiric form from Overlord. He specializes in raw strength and self-enhancement magic, acting as a bruser that storms the front.

Map Scripts
PVE Version
RP Version

Map Images
Outside Gluttony's Restaurant
Inside Gluttony's Restaurant
Outside of Greed and Wrath's Castle
Wrath's Armaments
Outside of Greed's Office
Outside of Wrath's Prison
Next to the Castle's Well
In Front of Greed's Water Wheel

Hope no mistakes slipped through the cracks this time. Once again this map was suppose to have been posted one and a half years ago, so I am deeply sorry for being so lazy with this post.
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