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TheBellFox - Yesterday, 10:40
Yes, hello, Kano. xD How have you been?
kano - Yesterday, 10:42
Pretty gooood
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TheBellFox - Yesterday, 10:42
Pleased to hear it. (: I hope everything has been going well with you lately. How has your art come along? I know you were studying it in college.
kano - Yesterday, 10:43
I haven’t drawn anything in ages :’D
kano - Yesterday, 10:43
How bout you?
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TheBellFox - Yesterday, 10:44
That’s such a shame to hear. I’ve been adequate at art as of late. I only do skins for other games via emulators, but when I do full-out art, those have been turning out fairly well. I’ve learned quite a lot, since then.
kano - Yesterday, 10:46
I’ve been busy with work and playing ffxiv in my free time
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TheBellFox - Yesterday, 10:47
Ahh, I see. How is it? I’ve heard it’s not the best, but it’s one of the greats. I don’t plan on playing it myself, since I’m more of a Tales Of person when it comes to RPGs, but maybe one day I’ll make an exception.
kano - Yesterday, 10:47
Ooo what kinda art?
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TheBellFox - Yesterday, 10:48
Mmm, mainly just portrait art. I wish I could branch out someday, but most of my art is done months, even weeks, apart, so you can almost always see the evolution in my art style.
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TheBellFox - Yesterday, 10:49
Needless to say, it’s nothing like how my skins for this game are. xD
kano - Yesterday, 10:52
I don’t remember the last time I ever done a skin :’D
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TheBellFox - Yesterday, 10:56
I forgot the last skin I did, I think it was a request for a Breath of the Wild skin, of which I couldn’t complete, due to stress and depression issues.
kano - Yesterday, 10:59
*pat pat pat*
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TheBellFox - Yesterday, 11:00
I’d be lying if I said I don’t miss making skins, but I don’t think it’s for me, not at this particular moment in time, anyways. xD
kano - Yesterday, 11:00
kano - Yesterday, 11:07
Sure ffxiv is not the best by I much prefer it’s art style over wow and eso
kano - Yesterday, 11:09
And the story is greaaaaat Image
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TheBellFox - Yesterday, 11:09
I’m partial to more anime-type game art. It’s not a science on how to make games look realistic, but when it comes to anime-themed art, especially models, I think if you can perfect models properly, it’s very impressive.
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TheBellFox - Yesterday, 11:10
The entire .hack// series is a constant inspiration to me to make my art look better.
kano - Yesterday, 11:18
Speaking of anime games I hear soul worker is finally releasing in na/eu
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TheBellFox - Yesterday, 11:19
Japan is really frugal with their localization teams, though I can’t exactly blame them. Apparently Monster Hunter wasn’t supposed to be localized because they were under the impression that it ’wouldn’t work’, but look at it now. Monster Hunter is huge at this point.
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TheBellFox - Yesterday, 11:20
The same goes for Fire Emblem, it was barely localized in America until Smash Brothers came around and changed that. xD
kano - Yesterday, 11:22
Sadly monster Hunter world won’t come to pc till the fall ;-;
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TheBellFox - Yesterday, 11:23
I’m willing to be patient for that. xD I played Generations and it was probably one of the most enjoyable experiences I ever had with my 3DS.
kano - Yesterday, 11:26
I have never played any of em and only heard they are gr8
kano - Yesterday, 11:27
<-only has a pc
kano - Yesterday, 11:29
Oh 6 am already I should sleep
kano - Yesterday, 11:29
kano - Yesterday, 11:29
*disappears for another year*
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